atmospheric pressure

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atmospheric pressure

Pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere. It has a mean value of one atmosphere at sea level but reduces with increasing altitude. Also called barometric pressure.

atmospheric pressure

(General Physics) the pressure exerted by the atmosphere at the earth's surface. It has an average value of 1 atmosphere

at′mospher′ic pres′sure

1. the pressure exerted by the earth's atmosphere at any given point.
2. a value of standard or normal atmospheric pressure, equivalent to the pressure exerted by a column of mercury 29.92 in. (760 mm) high, or 1013 millibars (101.3 kilopascals). Also called barometric pressure.

at·mos·pher·ic pressure

Pressure caused by the weight of the air. At sea level it has an average value of one atmosphere and gradually decreases as the altitude increases.
Did You Know? The atmosphere that blankets the Earth gently presses down on us, and the subtle variations in this atmospheric pressure greatly affect the weather. For example, forecasters often talk of low pressure bringing rain. In areas of low air pressure, the air is less dense and relatively warm, which causes it to rise. The expanding and rising air naturally cools and the water vapor in the air condenses, forming clouds and the drops that fall as rain. In high pressure regions, on the other hand, the air is dense and relatively cool, which causes it to sink. The water vapor in the sinking air does not condense, leaving the skies sunny and clear. So if you're trying to hit a home run, would you prefer a beautiful, sunny day or one in which it looks like rain? On the overcast day, the ball has less air to push aside on its way out of the ballpark, making it easier to hit a homer.
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Noun1.atmospheric pressure - the pressure exerted by the atmosphereatmospheric pressure - the pressure exerted by the atmosphere
gas pressure - the pressure exerted by a gas
barometric pressure - atmospheric pressure as indicated by a barometer
compartment pressure - the air pressure maintained in an air-tight compartment (as in an aircraft)
overpressure - a transient air pressure greater than the surrounding atmospheric pressure; "the overpressure of the blast kills by lethal concussion"
sea-level pressure - the atmospheric pressure reduced by a formula to the pressure at sea level
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"About 6,500; and as in reality the atmospheric pressure is about 15 lb.
such discourse we had, hermit and philosopher, and the old settler I have spoken of -- we three -- it expanded and racked my little house; I should not dare to say how many pounds' weight there was above the atmospheric pressure on every circular inch; it opened its seams so that they had to be calked with much dulness thereafter to stop the consequent leak; -- but I had enough of that kind of oakum already picked.
"Atmospheric pressure," said Bert, finding a use at last for the elementary physiography of his seventh-standard days.
The intensifying gilavar wind amid decline in atmospheric pressure will cause anxiety in some people.
Keywords Atmospheric pressure plasma jet, DBD, Coatings, Surface modification, Biomedical treatment
KEY WORDS: Atmospheric Pressure Hemoptysis Humidity Outdoor Temperature.
The scientists found that the craters were formed when Mars had an atmospheric pressure of up to 0.9 bar, which is close to the pressure that Earth has.
"We found that as atmospheric pressure in New Jersey fell the number of photos taken rose and as atmospheric pressure climbed again the number of photos taken fell."
The topics include treating polymer surfaces with surface dielectric barrier discharge plasmas, depositing nanosilica coatings on plasma-activated polyethylene films, surface treatment by dielectric barrier discharge for enhanced polymer-polymer and metal-polymer adhesion, improving the adhesion of polypropylene through aerosol assisted plasma deposition at atmospheric pressure, and atmospheric plasma treatment in extrusion coating.
(1) Possible to measure a wide range (atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range; 5 x 10-8Pa)
Increasing atmospheric pressure and its duration for some time and decrease of cardiovascular diseases and other diseases is observed (Chizhevskiy 1976).
* A newly designed tank mounted viscosity sensor for both water and solvent based applications, such as printing, glues, and adhesives, that operates at atmospheric pressure and has removable wetted parts is being introduced by Norcross Corporation of Newton, MA, USA.

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