atom bomb

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atom′ic bomb′

1. a bomb whose potency is derived from nuclear fission of atoms of fissionable material with the consequent conversion of part of their mass into energy.
2. a bomb whose explosive force comes from a chain reaction based on nuclear fission in U-235 or plutonium.
Also called A-bomb, atom bomb.
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Noun1.atom bomb - a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission (splitting the nuclei of a heavy element like uranium 235 or plutonium 239)atom bomb - a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission (splitting the nuclei of a heavy element like uranium 235 or plutonium 239)
bomb - an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions
clean bomb - an atom bomb leaving little or no radioactive contamination
dirty bomb - an atom bomb that leaves considerable radioactive contamination
neutron bomb - atom bomb that produces lethal neutrons with less blast
atomic weapon, nuclear weapon - a weapon of mass destruction whose explosive power derives from a nuclear reaction
plutonium pit, plutonium trigger - a steel or beryllium sphere containing plutonium 239 that triggers nuclear fission when compressed by explosives
قُنْبُلَة ذَرِّيَّةقُنْبُلَه ذَرِّيه
atomová bomba
atomska bomba
원자 폭탄
bom nguyên tử

atom bomb

nAtombombe f


(ˈӕtəm) noun
1. the smallest part of an element.
2. anything very small. There's not an atom of truth in what she says.
aˈtomic (-ˈto-) adjective
atom(ic) bomb
a bomb using atomic energy.
atomic energy
very great energy obtained by breaking up the atoms of some substances.
atomic power
power (for making electricity etc) obtained from atomic energy.

atom bomb

قُنْبُلَة ذَرِّيَّة atomová bomba atombombe Atombombe ατομική βόμβα bomba atómica ydinpommi bombe atomique atomska bomba bomba atomica 原子爆弾 원자 폭탄 atoombom atombombe bomba atomowa bomba atómica, bomba atômica атомная бомба atombomb ระเบิดปรมาณู atom bombası bom nguyên tử 原子弹
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PM Nawaz Sharif was the leader who orders to show the world that Pakistan has the atom bomb on 28 May 1998 and cleared all the spectacles regarding the security of the country.
BORN YOKO Ono, Japanese artist, 1933, above JOHN Travolta, US film actor, 1954 ROB Andrew, English rugby player, 1963 ROBERT Oppenheimer, atom bomb inventor, 1967 MARY Stewart, Scottish queen, 1587 MARTIN Luther, religious reformer, 1564, above
Not many people are aware that the first technical exposition of the atom bomb, the Frisch-Peierls memorandum, was written by two professors working at the university.
THIS is the Birmingham office where plans for the atom bomb were secretly drawn up - five years before Hiroshima.
dropped an atom bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima; three days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.
Statement given by a retired general on dropping atom bomb on India can cause harm to Pakistan, he remarked.
A MOTHER suckling her scarred baby and ragged survivors in Nagasaki after the atom bomb are in a collection of photos being sold.
Some were more powerful - in one case, dozens of times stronger - than the 15-kiloton atom bomb blast that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.
AMERICA almost detonated an atom bomb that would have claimed millions of lives, new declassified documents have revealed.
21 ( ANI ): A secret document has revealed that the United States Air Force came very close to detonating an atom bomb over North Carolina in 1961.
Talking specifically about World War II, some assert that using the atom bomb shortened the war and saved thousands of lives.
Later, Koichi Kido, a close adviser of the emperor, said, "We of the peace party were assisted by the atom bomb in our endeavor to end the war.