atomic explosion

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Noun1.atomic explosion - the explosion of an atomic bombatomic explosion - the explosion of an atomic bomb  
bomb blast - the explosion of a bomb
fireball - the luminous center of a nuclear explosion
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'If India had not conducted atomic explosion, then we wouldn't have achieved this state of nuclear weapons,' he argued.
But the widow of one Cold War pilot has blown that claim apart after obtaining secret documents that show he was sent to fly through the cloud of an atomic explosion in a deadly experiment.
He said Nawaz Sharif had done atomic explosion, launched number of welfare projects including China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which would bring economic revolution in the country and also carried out operations Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fasad with an aim to completely eliminate the menace of terrorism from the country.
He said that some elements hatched conspiracies to punish him only for his development and public-welfare projects like CPEC, atomic explosion, motorways and energy plants.
'Spike' Blandy and his wife gleefully slicing up an atomic explosion angel cake was taken on November 6, 1946.
International leaders condemned the state after it announced it had carried out its second atomic explosion of the year and biggest to date.
The sort of loud that makes a jet engine, or say, an atomic explosion sound peaceful.
The movie for March is "Gammera the Invincible." In this 1961 film, an atomic explosion awakens Gammera - a giant, fire-breathing turtle monster - from millions of years of hibernation, enraging the monster into attacking Tokyo.
Judging the type of fissile material requires the detection and analysis of xenon gases produced in the atomic explosion. Proof that North Korea had mastered warhead miniaturisation would be an alarming game changer - especially given its successful rocket launch in December which marked a major step forward in ballistic prowess.
The US Energy Department said it conducted a "subcritical" test at an underground site in Nevada on Wednesday to study the behaviour of nuclear materials without triggering an atomic explosion. It was its first since February last year.
One, which had been selling the drug for PS28.19 in three-gram packs with picture of an atomic explosion on the front, said the drug was "out of stock".

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