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Noun1.atomisation - separating something into fine particles
division - the act or process of dividing
2.atomisation - annihilation by reducing something to atoms
annihilation, obliteration - destruction by annihilating something
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Luis Valdich, MD, venture investing, Citi Ventures, said, 'The digitisation, fragmentation, and atomisation of payments are growing rapidly and increasing in complexity.
and Borghi, R., "Modelisation Eulerienne de l'atomisation d'un jet liquide." C.R.
"The functionality of the airspray gun, for example the excellent atomisation quality thanks to the 12-point fluid nozzle, is one aspect.
Typically, the liquid jet atomisation regime is between 1.0x[10.sup.2][less than or equal to] [We.sub.0] [less than or equal to] 1.1x[10.sup.6], according to the experimental investigation of [23].
AP&C, the powder manufacturing subsidiary of Arcam, has completed the start-up of its third atomisation reactor.
The atomisation lines at its Wednesbury plant has the capacity to produce in excess of 3000 tonnes per annum of Nickel, Cobalt and Stainless Steel powders for the thermal spray, surface coating and welding industries.
Boger, "Atomisation of dilute polymer solutions in agricultural spray nozzles," Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, vol.