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tr.v. at·om·ized, at·om·iz·ing, at·om·iz·es
1. To reduce to or separate into atoms.
2. To reduce to tiny particles or a fine spray.
3. To break into small fragments.
4. To subject to bombardment with atomic weapons.

at′om·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.atomization - separating something into fine particles
division - the act or process of dividing
2.atomization - annihilation by reducing something to atoms
annihilation, obliteration - destruction by annihilating something
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This allows for easy control and elimination of this variable on the influence of atomization and sprayability in these simple W-SP blends.
The nozzle's rugged, pinless design can achieve atomization with the spray characteristics of a mist at low pressure or a heavy fog at high pressure.
Scuderi says its design is able to achieve compression cylinder pressures equal to that of a conventional internal-combustion engine during the combustion cycle, thus creating large amounts of turbulence for improved atomization of the fuel/air mix.
Utilizing its Super Micro Atomization Retention Technology (SMART) process, SuperCoat microencapsulation delivers specific nutrient function while masking unpleasant taste, odor or mouth feel.
The new Spraytec has an increased data acquisition rate of 10 kHz, allowing extremely accurate analysis of the dynamics of spray atomization and dispersion.
The 3TNV82A (30.2 hp), 3TNV84T (38.9 hp), 3TNV88 (35.9 hp) and 4TNV84T (55.2 hp) models have the injection nozzle set at a larger angle than usual to make atomization and mixing even more consistent.
When fuel enters the combustion chambers, the fuel injector creates a fine and wide mist of fuel; this is known as atomization of the fuel.
A primary structure given a darkly glamorous makeover, it suggests less the rigid mathematical order of its model than an atomization of perception that's entirely in keeping with Altmejd's preference for visual dynamism, not to mention his magpie fascination with shiny things.
By regulation of the rate of airflow, the degree of atomization can be adjusted.
A multi-stepped, flow-regulating orifice and large atomization orifice produce a consistent pattern and reduce the production of fine droplets.
At the heart of the engine is a pump-injector system, which is designed to ensure excellent fuel atomization and effective combustion by injecting diesel into the combustion chambers at pressures of up to 29,000 psi.
Parrish, who has chaired the instrumentation committee of the Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, a group that studies liquid sprays, said that the need for better diagnostic techniques to obtain measurements in dense sprays is a perennial topic at meetings.