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v. a·toned, a·ton·ing, a·tones
1. To make amends, as for a sin or fault: These crimes must be atoned for.
2. Archaic To agree.
1. To expiate.
2. Archaic To conciliate; appease: "So heaven, atoned, shall dying Greece restore" (Alexander Pope).
3. Obsolete To reconcile or harmonize.

[Middle English atonen, to be reconciled, from at one, in agreement : at, at; see at + one, one; see one.]

a·ton′a·ble, a·tone′a·ble adj.
a·ton′er n.
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It powerfully invokes the biblical idea of repentance through tears and in so doing, connects Gaskell's fallen protagonist to Mary Magdalene, (4) a complex and mythologized figure who manages to straddle both the models of sexual sinner and devout atoner.
In Turner's Christology here, Jesus functions not as a crucified atoner, but instead as a hard-working example of labor's redemptive qualities.
The living God of the Bible is revealed as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the Liberator God of the Exodus; the Giver of Torah; the Great Atoner of the Temple cultus; the God of prophetic judgment and promise; the God of exile and return; and, for Christians, the One revealed anew in Jesus of Nazareth.