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1. Not accented: an atonic syllable.
2. Medicine Relating to, caused by, or exhibiting lack of muscle tone.
A word, syllable, or sound that is unaccented.

[From Greek atonos; see atony.]

at′o·nic′i·ty (ăt′ə-nĭs′ĭ-tē, ăt′n-ĭs-) n.


(eɪˈtɒnɪk; æ-)
1. (Phonetics & Phonology) (of a syllable, word, etc) carrying no stress; unaccented
2. (Pathology) pathol lacking body or muscle tone
(Phonetics & Phonology) an unaccented or unstressed syllable, word, etc, such as for in food for thought
[C18: from Latin atonicus, from Greek atonos lacking tone; see atony]
atonicity n


(əˈtɒn ɪk, eɪˈtɒn-)

1. not accented.
2. characterized by atony.
3. an unaccented word, syllable, or sound.
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Adj.1.atonic - characterized by a lack of tonus
2.atonic - used of syllables; "an atonic syllable carries no stress"
accented, tonic - used of syllables; "a tonic syllables carries the main stress in a word"


[æˈtɒnɪk] ADJátono
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However, there are some features that are more frequently reported in patients with PNES, such as, side-to-side head movement, prolonged duration, pelvic thrusting, ictal crying, atonic postures lasting more than a few minutes, and unusual unsynchronized movements (3).
In Japan, the agent is approved as an adjunctive therapy to other AEDs in the treatment of tonic and atonic seizures associated with LGS when therapy with other AEDs is considered inadequate.
Atonic postpartum haemorrhage was the indication for EOH in 03 cases.
ATONIC for anyone who finds themselves occasionally aghast at the state of humanity, this show is a timely reminder that there are some decent people in the world.
A further use is for contracting the atonic uterus in primary postpartum haemorrhage, for which it remains recommended primarily when other agents are not available and where medical supervision is limited.
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Our study showed atonic pupil, subconjunctival hemorrhage, chemosis, diplopia and muscle weakness as the major complications of the procedure.
Increasing trends in atonic postpartum haemorrhage in Ireland: an 11-year population-based cohort study.
This status may be confused with atonic seizures or negative myoclonus (6).
Emergency obstetric or peripartum hysterectomy is the last resort for any obstetrician who faces the complication of atonic postpartum hemorrhage or rupture uterus.
Corpus callosotomy is a palliative surgical approach that aims to control potentially harmful seizures, for instance, atonic or drop seizures, preventing the spread of epileptic electrical activity (4).