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Of, relating to, or caused by a hereditary predisposition to developing allergic reactions, such as hay fever, asthma, or urticaria, after exposure to specific antigens such as pollen, food, and insect venoms.

[From Greek atopiā, unusualness, from atopos, out of the way : a-, not; see a-1 + topos, place.]

at′o·py (ăt′ə-pē) n.


(Physiology) immunol a hereditary tendency to be hypersensitive to certain allergens


(ˈæt ə pi)

allergic hypersensitivity associated with the overproduction of antibody of the IgE type.
[1920–25; < Greek atopía unusualness <átopos unusual]
a•top•ic (eɪˈtɒp ɪk, əˈtɒp-) adj.
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Noun1.atopy - an allergic reaction that becomes apparent in a sensitized person only minutes after contactatopy - an allergic reaction that becomes apparent in a sensitized person only minutes after contact
allergic reaction, allergy - hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity


n. atopía, tipo de alergia considerada de carácter hereditario.
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Atopy patch test (APT) gained prominence due to low specificity of "fresh prick tests" (FPT) with foods, commonly late occurrence of lesions in AD and, thus, the inconsistencies in anamneses, and being the provocative tests time consuming and risky, as well as due to the role of T lymphocytes in the pathophysiology of the disease.
Atopic dermatitis, or atopy, is an inherited predisposition to allergic skin disease.
Atopy, psychological stress and genetic variability have been associated with various occupational allergic diseases.
Atopy and dryness are treatable, and if a certain level of alleviation arises then LVC is/can be deemed suitable (at a surgeon's discretion of course).
They describe the basic science of the intestinal tract, including digestion and absorption, maturation of motor function and gastroesophageal reflux, the development of gastrointestinal motility reflexes and the intestinal mucosal barrier, and the developing gastrointestinal tract and its relationship to health and disease, immunity, allergy, and atopy.
Adjustments for respiratory infections in infancy and asthma and atopy in childhood did not change the results of these analyses.
The condition, known as an atopy, is similar to hayfever and is permanent, requiring treatment and careful managing.
Dogs Trust veterinary director Paula Boyden said: "Buster's condition is atopy, which can be likened to hayfever in humans - whereas humans with grass allergies sneeze, atopy manifests itself as a skin condition in dogs.
There is some evidence that dietary intake of trans-fatty acids is associated with asthma and atopy.
The type 1 brittle asthma is associated with the female sex, atopy, high psychosocial disturbance and food intolerance but the type 2 brittle asthma is best treated with self-injectable adrenaline and avoidance of recognized triggers, added.
Higher serum folate levels are associated with a lower risk of atopy and wheeze.