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Not poisonous or toxic.
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Adj.1.atoxic - not producing or resulting from poison
harmless - not causing or capable of causing harm; "harmless bacteria"; "rendered the bomb harmless"
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Contract awarded for Circuit of corrugated pipe, Universal of polivinyl, Atoxic, With piece in "and" and elbow of 90 degrees, Size pediatric, Individual, Dischargeable.
She provides sound advice on everything from how to approach a potential friend, to how to navigate friendships with different personality types, to determining when and how to let go of atoxic relationship.
In order for vanadium compounds to be effective, atoxic well-defined forms of that metal ion encompassing selected physicochemical characteristics should be examined carefully in terms of their availability, selectivity, and specificity, followed by long-term epidemiological studies and controlled clinical trials.
Atoxic past can also be remediated through representational strategies such as place marketing that promise a clean, green, sustainable future.
Curcumin, an atoxic antioxidant and natural NFkappaB, cyclooxygenase-2, lipooxygenase, and inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitor: a shield against acute and chronic diseases.
Atoxic factor in Brazilian groundnut meal causing liver damage inpigs.