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Not poisonous or toxic.
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Adj.1.atoxic - not producing or resulting from poison
harmless - not causing or capable of causing harm; "harmless bacteria"; "rendered the bomb harmless"
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France, Germany and Spain were part of a atoxic bloca of EU member states sent to the European Court of Justice last year for their failure to cut emissions quickly enough to come into line with the EU air quality standards.
Some professors thought that ozone might always be toxic due to worsening of chronic oxidative stress, while on the contrary, others thought that the proper concentration of ozone could be atoxic and activate antioxidative systems [12, 13].
She provides sound advice on everything from how to approach a potential friend, to how to navigate friendships with different personality types, to determining when and how to let go of atoxic relationship.
Although the etiology and mechanisms of methane protecting ALI/ARDS have not been clarified, methane is easy to obtain, relatively stable and atoxic, and can permeate cell membranes with few adverse effects.
Curcumin, an atoxic antioxidant, is well supported by studies that indicate it acts as a free radical scavenger (Oguzturk et al.; Noorafshan & Ashkani-Esfahani).
Atoxic past can also be remediated through representational strategies such as place marketing that promise a clean, green, sustainable future.