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 (ə-trē′zhə, -zhē-ə)
1. The absence or closure of a normal body orifice or tubular passage such as the anus, intestine, or external ear canal.
2. The degeneration and resorption of one or more ovarian follicles before a state of maturity has been reached.

[New Latin atrēsia : Greek a-, not, without; see a-1 + Greek trēsis, perforation, orifice; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

a·tre·sic (-zĭk, -sĭk) adj.


(əˈtriːʒɪə; -ʒə)
(Pathology) absence of or unnatural narrowing of a body channel
[C19: New Latin, from Greek atrētos not perforated]


(əˈtri ʒə, -ʒi ə)

the absence, or failure to develop, of a normal body opening or duct, as the ear canal.
[1800–10; < Greek a- a-6 + três(is) perforation + -ia -ia]
a•tre′sic (-zɪk, -sɪk) a•tret•ic (əˈtrɛt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.atresia - an abnormal condition in which a normal opening or tube in the body (as the urethra) is closed or absent
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies


n. atresia, cierre congénito anormal de una abertura o conducto del cuerpo.
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6 Given its success in adults, MRCP has begun to be used in children during the past decade7 with reports on its application for suspected biliary atresia, choledochal cyst, cholelithiasis, choledocholithiasis, bile plug syndrome, pancreatitis, and in liver transplantation.
PESHAWAR -- A four-year old Abdullah Karim son of Shaukat Karim resident of Dinbahar colony here of a poor family has been hit by a deadly heart disease (Tricuspid Atresia, ASD, VSD PDA Modrat to Severe PS) for the past four years.
Atresia ani occurs in all species and is commonly reported in ruminants (Abdul et al.
Aleeyah in the Philippines was diagnosed with biliary atresia soon after her birth in March 2014.
Bradley Tweedy from Bedlington was born with a tracheoesophageal fistula and atresia, and a right- sided diaphragmatic hernia, forcing him to spend the first year of life in hospital fighting for his life.
We conducted a prospective study to investigate the abnormalities of the facial nerve canal inpatients with congenital aural atresia by computed tomography (CT).
Congenital recto-vaginal fistula associated with a normal anus (type H fistula) and rectal atresia in a patient.
A diagnosis of distal ileal atresia was made, resulting in distal ileocecal resection with an ileocolic anastomosis.
Katherine, who was born with the rare liver disease, biliary atresia, died last January, aged just 17, whilst waiting for her third liver transplant.
Unilateral pulmonary vein atresia is a rare congenital abnormality that likely results from failure of incorporation of the common pulmonary vein into the left atrium.
Five years ago, Laura's horrified mum was told her daughter had just six weeks to live after being diagnosed with rare disease Biliary Atresia.
Kobe Johnson was born with a heart condition called pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect and needed specialist treatment in Leeds General Infirmary (LGI).