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 (ə-trē′zhə, -zhē-ə)
1. The absence or closure of a normal body orifice or tubular passage such as the anus, intestine, or external ear canal.
2. The degeneration and resorption of one or more ovarian follicles before a state of maturity has been reached.

[New Latin atrēsia : Greek a-, not, without; see a-1 + Greek trēsis, perforation, orifice; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

a·tre·sic (-zĭk, -sĭk) adj.


(əˈtriːʒɪə; -ʒə)
(Pathology) absence of or unnatural narrowing of a body channel
[C19: New Latin, from Greek atrētos not perforated]


(əˈtri ʒə, -ʒi ə)

the absence, or failure to develop, of a normal body opening or duct, as the ear canal.
[1800–10; < Greek a- a-6 + três(is) perforation + -ia -ia]
a•tre′sic (-zɪk, -sɪk) a•tret•ic (əˈtrɛt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.atresia - an abnormal condition in which a normal opening or tube in the body (as the urethra) is closed or absent
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies


n. atresia, cierre congénito anormal de una abertura o conducto del cuerpo.
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Exposure of the uterus to nicotine causes impaired fertility, altered ovarian steroid hormone and protein concentrations and increased numbers of atretic follicles in the offspring of adult female rats (3).
The small proportion of females that still remain in November in postvitellogenic stage had mostly remnant and atretic oocytes that will probably be reabsorbed.
In unilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, the kidney is usually non- functioning, as the collecting system is usually atretic or obstructed.
All the follicles were classified as either healthy or atretic, respectively, according to the absence or presence of signs of oocyte and/or granular degeneration such as pyknosis of the nucleus, infolding of the cell wall in oocyte, ingression of granulosa cells within the antral cavity, pulling away of granulosa cells from the basement membrane, infolding or thickening of base membrane and uneven layers of granulosa cells (27).
Ovaries with early yolked, advanced yolked, and atretic oocytes were assigned to the recovery stage (OM5).
The distal aorta may be atretic or hypoplastic, iliac and femoral arteries may not be seen.
Finally, we demonstrate the interpretation of dispersed formaldehyde-fixed ovarian samples (whole mounts) to assess the presence of atretic and postovulatory follicles to replace labor intensive histology.
The stages they describe are 1 = Recovery phase gonads; 2 = Growing phase gonads; 3 = Mature ovaries; 4 = Atretic ovaries and 5 = Resting phase ovaries.
Types of anomalies 1 Meckel's diverticulum connected with atretic vitelline duct.
The total number of vitellogenic oocytes and the number of atretic vitellogenic oocytes (Hunter and Macewicz, 1985) for each histological section were counted.
6) In these patients, pyeloplasty is performed and consists of resecting the atretic or stenotic segment and reattaching the normal ureter to the renal pelvis, there by relieving the obstruction.
Hunter and Macewicz (2001) stated that potential fecundity can be estimated if three key requirements are met: 1) one can identify a certain standing stock or size range of oocytes into which no new oocytes are recruited once spawning begins; 2) females used to estimate potential fecundity have not spawned; and 3) atretic losses are negligible or can be estimated.