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interj. Informal
Used to show encouragement or approval to a boy or man: Attaboy! That's the way to hit a home run!

[Alteration of That's the boy!]


sentence substitute
slang chiefly US an expression of approval or exhortation


(ˈæt əˌbɔɪ)

interj. Informal.
(used as an expression of encouragement or approval to a boy, man, or male animal.)
[1905–10, Amer.]


[ˈætəˌbɔɪ] EXCL (esp US) → ¡bravo!, ¡dale!


interj (esp US inf) → gut gemacht!
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Deals, Wheels And Steals was made by production company Attaboy for ITV 1.
Also honored was Alex Moore for the Attaboy Award for serving his team in extraordinary ways and Andrew Truesdale was honored with the Leadership Award for 3rd quarter.
With his attaboy, the document was sent out to the intelligence committee and thence to the world.
Sired by Blelack Digger and out of a homebred dam going back to Tullygarley Attaboy, he was bred and exhibited by Gareth Roberts, Llangadfan, Welshpool.
Seuss, pop artist author Attaboy presents a "visual cornucopia" of fantastic neon, three-dimensional, fictitious monsters created by the Worm, Attaboy.
Instead of a simple attaboy, management gave him public recognition at its monthly meeting and placed a "Character Recognition Guide" in his personnel file.
And an attaboy goes to incoming SPE President Russell Broome, strategic accounts manager at PolyOne Corp.
And the Royals got more than they bargained for when they came face-to-face with an enormous 1,500kg Charolais bull called Attaboy owned by Gareth Roberts, of Llangadfan.
ALICE DAY MEMORIES: HOME FROM IRAQ offers the first full-length documentary from Attaboy Films surveying the survivors of debilitating memories and injuries in Iraq.
2m ( a record for any breed at the Perth centre ( and peaked at 32,000gns for Solitude Attaboy, a 17-month-old within the breed's top 10% with a Beef Value of CH31, and a 400 day weight of 748kgs.