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v. at·tached, at·tach·ing, at·tach·es
1. To fasten, secure, or join: attached the wires to the post.
2. To connect as an adjunct or associated condition or part: Many major issues are attached to this legislation.
3. To affix or append; add: attached several riders to the document.
4. To ascribe or assign: attached no significance to the threat.
5. To bind by emotional ties, as of affection or loyalty: I am attached to my family.
6. To assign (personnel) to a military unit on a temporary basis.
7. Law To seize (property) by legal writ.
8. To add (a file) to an email.
1. To adhere, belong, or relate: Very little prestige attaches to this position.
2. To be attached or attachable: The helmet's chin strap attaches on the side just below the ear.

[Middle English attachen, from Old French attachier, alteration of estachier, from estache, stake, of Germanic origin.]

at·tach′a·ble adj.
at·tach′er n.
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Adj.1.attachable - capable of being fastened or added to something elseattachable - capable of being fastened or added to something else; "a handle attachable by two bolts"
detachable - designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage; "shirts with detachable collars"


adj to be attachablesich befestigen lassen
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The range starts at 32-inches and goes all the way up to 65, but our pick is the 4K ready 55-inch model that comes with attachable feet but can (and should) be wallmounted.
tractor and two wheeler trailor attachable to tractor to kodad municipality under municipal general fund
A non-invasive signaling device selectively attachable to the outer cover of the absorbent article in overlying relationship with the conductive pattern, the signaling device adapted to detect liquid.
In other words, it's a tablet with an attachable keyboard cover that aims to re place your laptop.
Attachable to walkie high-lift Class 3 forklifts, the new, compact 10H pivot arm paper roll clamp is ideal for handling lightweight and ultra-lightweight paper and fiber rolls.
With the ability to connect two or more galvanized attachable trailers, each locked together with a tie-bar, you will never have to worry about sacrificing one of your recreational vehicles or flatbed for another.
It's equipped with its own attachable tray, and can bring a drink to you.
ICANN did make the case that the ccTLDs were not attachable property, but its main argument was that ccTLDs were not property at all and no one owned them.
Moment currently offers two attachable lenses: a telephoto lens for long-focus shots and a wide-angle lens for capturing more of the scene.
The reusable tumbler is dishwasher safe and has an attachable loop that makes it easy to carry.
Unit 02 and 03 are attachable on the inside or outside of Unit 01 making it possible to design your bag according to your own needs--that's the beauty of Unit Portables
It comes with attachable Swipes, disposable microfiber pads that trap and lift dirt and dust up and off floors at the same time.