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v. at·tached, at·tach·ing, at·tach·es
1. To fasten, secure, or join: attached the wires to the post.
2. To connect as an adjunct or associated condition or part: Many major issues are attached to this legislation.
3. To affix or append; add: attached several riders to the document.
4. To ascribe or assign: attached no significance to the threat.
5. To bind by emotional ties, as of affection or loyalty: I am attached to my family.
6. To assign (personnel) to a military unit on a temporary basis.
7. Law To seize (property) by legal writ.
8. To add (a file) to an email.
1. To adhere, belong, or relate: Very little prestige attaches to this position.
2. To be attached or attachable: The helmet's chin strap attaches on the side just below the ear.

[Middle English attachen, from Old French attachier, alteration of estachier, from estache, stake, of Germanic origin.]

at·tach′a·ble adj.
at·tach′er n.
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Adj.1.attachable - capable of being fastened or added to something elseattachable - capable of being fastened or added to something else; "a handle attachable by two bolts"
detachable - designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage; "shirts with detachable collars"
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adj to be attachablesich befestigen lassen
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