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tr.v. at·tempt·ed, at·tempt·ing, at·tempts
1. To try to perform, make, or achieve: attempted to read the novel in one sitting; attempted a difficult dive.
2. Archaic To tempt.
3. Archaic To try to seize or get control of by attacking.
1. An effort or a try.
2. An attack; an assault: an attempt on someone's life.

[Middle English attempten, from Old French attempter, from Latin attemptāre : ad-, ad- + temptāre, to test.]

at·tempt′a·ble adj.
at·tempt′er n.
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Obviously, by using our proposed algorithm more applications about noninterval type-2 fuzzy logic system and type-2 fuzzy neural network could be attemptable.
In an age when periodicals, annuals, and anthologies made short poems especially valuable, the sonnet--brief, precious, attemptable by all but perfected by few--was a highly marketable, collectable object, a gem consciously set off by its clarity and brilliance beside similar stones.
In fact, science or scientific knowledge has attemptable, measurable, repeatable, and changeable properties (Turkmen, 2006).