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tr.v. at·tempt·ed, at·tempt·ing, at·tempts
1. To try to perform, make, or achieve: attempted to read the novel in one sitting; attempted a difficult dive.
2. Archaic To tempt.
3. Archaic To try to seize or get control of by attacking.
1. An effort or a try.
2. An attack; an assault: an attempt on someone's life.

[Middle English attempten, from Old French attempter, from Latin attemptāre : ad-, ad- + temptāre, to test.]

at·tempt′a·ble adj.
at·tempt′er n.
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Noun1.attempter - one who triesattempter - one who tries        
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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Let me tell him, gentlemen, that any gestures of dissent or disapprobation in which he may indulge in this court will not go down with you; that you will know how to value and how to appreciate them; and let me tell him further, as my Lord will tell you, gentlemen, that a counsel, in the discharge of his duty to his client, is neither to be intimidated nor bullied, nor put down; and that any attempt to do either the one or the other, or the first, or the last, will recoil on the head of the attempter, be he plaintiff or be he defendant, be his name Pickwick, or Noakes, or Stoakes, or Stiles, or Brown, or Thompson.
Classical theory draws attention to the rationality of suicide and the moral responsibility of the attempter.
Diagnosed as manic depressive, Kusama spent most of her life under psychiatric care; her autobiographical novel Habitual Manhattan Suicide Attempter, 1984, points to her grand artistic project--self-obliteration.
Stories of Awakening from Death (translated)" reveal the painful stories of 29 people, including those abandoned and abused by their families, a two-time suicide attempter and a gambler, and the monk's "unconventional" teachings.
Moreover, recent research showed that multiple suicide attempters display greater psycho pathology than single suicide attempters even after con trolling for BPD diagnosis, thus suggesting that multiple suicide attempter status may not be the same as BPD (For man, Berk, Henriques, Brown, and Beck, 2004).
Thus, an efficient medical intervention is needed to help the suicide attempter suffering from depression symptoms.
They refuse further negotiations with the vice president of South Sudan and member of the Nuer ethnic group, Riek Machar, who previously attempter to broker a peace between the groups, as they hold him "responsible for all the deaths in Jonglei for arming Murle in 1990s to fight John Garang.
Therefore, the 'pattern' for a female suicide attempter is a deficiency within a complex combination of inter-related variables (C,E and A).
They may lead to shame and guilt in the attempter, and also a sense of confusion, misunderstanding, or even resentment and anger for families and caregivers (Lynch, Howard, El-Mallakh, & Matthews, 2008).
Because the completer has benefitted from reaching his goal and the attempter has not, (224) the completer should suffer a greater deprivation.
Our policy is to leave all the health and safety to the record attempter Likewise, there are limits to other sorts of record attempts.