attending physician

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at·tend·ing phy·sic·i·an

n. médico-a de cabecera.
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On the other hand, one could argue that if the medical director were also the attending physician for several of the facility's residents (say 10 to 30%), he/she would experience firsthand the adequacy or inadequacy of clinical policies, communication between nursing staff and community physicians, medical record documentation, resident care outcomes, etc.
Before a lawsuit is filed, the attorney for a potential plaintiff will seek to "discover" information from the resident's attending physician and the nursing home in order to determine the extent of injury, type of evaluation and treatment ordered, laboratory results, clinical data obtained by the nursing staff, and any other documentation that might support a lawsuit.
[1] That is, the committee is not required to review a case, and its recommendation need not be followed by the attending physician. Questions are being raised, however, about whether an "optional" ethics committee recommendation is truly optional.
Jardiel was rushed to the Ospital ng Sampaloc but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.
A resident informed the attending physician, who ordered a transfusion over the phone.
Confidential settlement with the attending physician and the hospital prior to trial.
The nursing staff and attending physician in this case did not address the real problem that finally led to the resident's leg amputation.
The couple was transported to Samar Provincial Hospital where they were declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.
When the nurse noted decreased long-term variability, the attending physician responded and evaluated the fetus and tracings.
* The attending physician sees the latest blood culture and is not concerned, because the fever the day before has subsided and the two prior positive blood cultures were not seen--"out of sight, out of mind."
If the follow-up assessment revealed the presence of daily pain, the attending physician was contacted to obtain a pain medication.
At times, the medical director may be called upon to provide that input or to contact an attending physician if the resident's status changes.