attending physician

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at·tend·ing phy·sic·i·an

n. médico-a de cabecera.
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A first-year resident managed labor and delivery under the supervision of the attending physician.
Preakness Healthcare Center is seeking Board Certified Attending Physicians to provide timely clinical services for residents who are admitted, but are not under the care of an attending physician with privileges at Preakness Healthcare Center, at time of admission.
Megan Gresh, MD, is an attending physician in the section of pediatric orthopedics at St.
Data on physicians' specialty were merged with Medicare inpatient claims at acute-care hospitals to identify hospitalists and to determine whether a hospitalist or non-hospitalist served as the attending physician for each medical or surgical admission.
Discussion among a number of seasoned physician leaders resulted in the acknowledgement that numerous factors in today's practice of medicine impact the successful transition of residents into the role of attending physician.
News-reporting of an alleged deteriorating health condition of one suspects at Roumyeh prison as being denied medical attention by the attending physician is categorically not true; In effect, the ISD confirmed his undergoing thorough check-up by the attending physician.
His attending physician ordered hemoglobin and hematocrit levels, which were lower than earlier that day.
The 2008 Institute of Medicine report on residents' working hours, which led to restrictions on those hours, "did not comment on attending physician work hour limitations," and it has not been clear whether older and more experienced attending physicians are more or less able to cope with the physiological effects of fatigue than are residents.
The role of the attending physician is not only to educate the residents on every aspect of neurosurgery, but also to serve as mentors and professional role models.
Sanjay Goel, Assistant Professor and Attending Physician in the Department of Medical Oncology, Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City.
The attending physician or chief resident communicates the order orally, and the resident physician enters it into the computer system.
Each day, all orders entered during rounds were audited after rounds by an attending physician without the knowledge of the residents.