attending physician

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at·tend·ing phy·sic·i·an

n. médico-a de cabecera.
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I want my life to be prolonged and I want life-sustaining treatment to be provided or continued unless I am in a coma that my attending physician believes to be irreversible.
Candela, a gastroenterologist, has been senior attending physician on the staff of Mercy Hospital for more than 25 years.
The attending physician had cared for the elderly couple for many years and had recommended that Sal receive home hospice care.
Before writing the prescription, the attending physician must again verify that the patient is making a voluntary and informed request and offer the patient the opportunity to rescind the request.
Even though they may be under the supervision of and follow instructions provided by an attending physician or registered nurse, they are not subject to the supervision or control of the patient for whom they are rendering services.
After being hospitalized, city employee Cleopatra Haslip was forced to pay her own medical costs when a collection agency obtained a judgment against her on behalf of the attending physician and the hospital.
If each of the more experienced attending physician would spend a couple of long days and nights a year at the hospitals that give them privileges, the problems detailed in this book would be eased immediately.
The attending physician will be required to complete a "Precertification form" prior to each nonemergency admission to a hospital.
Shortly after arriving, Kornfeld volunteered to be an attending physician at Stanford Hospital and spent the next 15 years sharing his knowledge and experience, even as he continued learning.
The attending of record or his/her designee has spoken to the receiving attending physician of record.
The nursing staff and attending physician in this case did not address the real problem that finally led to the resident's leg amputation.
He began his practice as an attending physician in 1969 and only two years later was breaking new ground in cardiac rehabilitation.