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a. The act of close or careful observing or listening: You'll learn more if you pay attention in class.
b. The ability or power to keep the mind on something; the ability to concentrate: We turned our attention to the poem's last stanza.
c. Notice or observation: The billboard caught our attention.
2. The act of dealing with something or someone; treatment: This injury requires immediate medical attention.
3. attentions
a. Acts of interest or interference: "men who wanted ... freedom from censorship and the attentions of the police" (John Kenneth Galbraith).
b. Acts of consideration or courtesy, especially in an effort to win someone's affection or gain sexual favors: "She was almost giddy with disbelief at the unexpected attentions of a handsome, well-spoken, obviously professional man" (Rob Kantner).
4. A military posture, with the body erect, eyes to the front, arms at the sides, and heels together.
Used as a command to assume an erect military posture.

[Middle English attencioun, from Latin attentiō, attentiōn-, from attentus, past participle of attendere, to heed; see attend.]

at·ten′tion·al adj.
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of or relating to attention
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Adj.1.attentional - of or relating to attention
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
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Similarly, when recalling events, individuals must engage with internal selection processes and subsequently focus attentional resources during retrieval efforts (Mandler, 1980).
Attention generally refers to conscious awareness and/or cognitive effort, and people are able to direct their attention to specific aspects of the environment, bodily positions, and movements, a process known as attentional focus (Magill & Anderson, 2014).
Associate professor Kate Williams designed a low-cost preschool program focussing exclusively on rhythm and movement activities linked to pathways in the brain to support attentional and emotional development.
Attentional bias modification training (ABMT) is a treatment approach that targets the earliest stage of the anxiety cascade.
In my work, I have termed this effort for stillness "attentional alignment." I call it attentional alignment, because when our attention is out of sorts, the rest of our lives fall apart.
Thus, we aimed to investigate attentional patterns among the ADHD-I and TD children in order to identify more homogeneous groups in regard to attentional performance through an LCA.
A recent study by Guss-West and Wulf (1) surveyed the type of attentional focus used by 53 professional dancers when executing four types of movement skills associated with classical ballet.
Therefore, this study adopted the sequential behavioral analysis method to explore learners' attentional behavior during the concept mapping process.
He covers how language structures concepts, force dynamics in language and cognition, how spoken and signed language structure space differently: a neural mode, fictive motion in language and ception, the attentional system of language, introspection as a methodology in linguistics, relating language to other cognitive systems, how languages represent motion events: typologies and universals, a typology of event integration in language, and digitalization in the evolution of language.
Although the power of motivational incentives to catch and hold one's attention has been well documented in the motivation literature, there are few studies in which the role of nAff in attentional orienting to incentive cues has been explored.
Other studies have identified prospective memory [14, 27], metamemory [8, 28], and attentional control [22, 29, 30] as determinants of high levels of cognitive functioning.
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