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A device that attenuates an electrical signal.


1. (General Physics) physics any device designed to reduce the power of a wave or electrical signal without distorting it
2. a person or thing that attenuates


(əˈtɛn yuˌeɪ tər)

a device for reducing the amplitude of an electronic signal.
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Noun1.attenuator - an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity
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Browse Attenuator Market Report spread through 150 Pages at http://www.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 31, 2015-Pasternack debuts new millimeter wave continuously variable waveguide attenuators
This optical variable attenuator, model C0270001, features a rugged design, high portability and ease-of-use.
Now researchers at Optimer Photonics, Columbus, Ohio, have devised an alternate means of controlling this attenuation with the use of an electric field in the Novel Fast Variable Optical Attenuator Employing Electrooptically Clad Silica Waveguide.
A balanced attenuator is a broadband design consisting of four Lange couplers, two of which form complementary reflective attenuators for cancellation of the PHEMT capacitance (see Figure 3).
Agilent Technologies (Palo Alto, CA) has introduced the N5530S measuring receiver system for calibrating RF- and microwave-signal generators and attenuators.
The power is varied by either adjusting the laser power itself (if the laser output power can be stabilized at all power levels) or by using a variable high-power laser attenuator.
Usually, almost no [beta]-lactamase is produced because the gene is preceded by a weak promoter and a strong attenuator (4).
This latter attenuator design inhibits the creation of noise in the first place instead of just muffling it after it already exists as described in the original article.
Because of the truck-mounted attenuator (TMA), the four people involved in the accident suffered only minor injuries.
MEMSCAP (Paris:MEMS), the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, including optical components, today announces the qualification of its High Voltage Electrostatic MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator in accordance with Telcordia standards.
Provider of integrated mixed signal solutions Integrated Device Technology Inc (IDT) (Nasdaq:IDTI) announced on Tuesday that it has added two new Glitch-Free digital step attenuators (DSAs), as well as its first product in a new family of voltage variable attenuators (VVAs).