attest to

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w>attest to

vi +prep objbezeugen
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To answer some of these concerns, we should first look at a definition of "certification." Literally, it means "to make certain, to attest to one's competency in any occupation." When it has been attested to, and when enough of us have achieved certification, then, and only then, can we regard ourselves as recognized professionals.
Also, Section 404 requires that the auditor attest to management's assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls.
His ceaseless mental excavations attest to the universally hybrid and media-saturated world that complicates self-determination.
The plays' interest in dominating and sometimes raging women - Althaea, Dido, Phaedra - has occasioned some speculation on Gager as a misogynist, especially since some of his notebook poetry seems to attest to Platonic homosexuality (I.xvii), but the evidence is contradictory and complex.