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 (ăt′ĭ-to͞od′n-īz′, -tyo͞od′-)
intr.v. at·ti·tu·di·nized, at·ti·tu·di·niz·ing, at·ti·tu·di·niz·es
To assume an affected attitude; posture.


(ˌætɪˈtjuːdɪnaɪzɪŋ) or


the assumption of an affected attitude
References in classic literature ?
I was the only one of our party who saw this grand sight; the others were attitudinizing, for the benefit of the long rank of young ladies who were promenading on the bank, and so they lost it.
But the whole effect is spoiled when I look at them - at Tetralani, five feet ten in her stocking feet and weighing a hundred and ninety pounds, and at Barillo, a scant five feet four, greasy-featured, with the chest of a squat, undersized blacksmith, and at the pair of them, attitudinizing, clasping their breasts, flinging their arms in the air like demented creatures in an asylum; and when I am expected to accept all this as the faithful illusion of a love-scene between a slender and beautiful princess and a handsome, romantic, young prince - why, I can't accept it, that's all.
It comically mobilizes symbolic resources not for their necessary connections with the prefigured term but for their heuristic bearing on the interpretation of and attitudinizing toward the situation at hand.
I had to deafen myself to echoes of Scott Fitzgerald, always so easy and seductive, rid my syntax of the sonorities of Conrad and Thomas Wolfe, cut out wayward moments of Hemingway attitudinizing, above all, be myself" (366).
Though some might accuse Abraham of political correctness (Spencer-Davis, incidentally, is a deaf actor), his production is infused with such infectious high spirits that any whiff of polemical attitudinizing is quickly whisked away.
So the attitudinizing title refers to the vector space dimensions: we obtain a 3 dimensional non-commutative algebra as a weak wreath product of two 2 dimensional commutative algebras.
Lou responds to her mother's attitudinizing with a statement of her own fatigue over the endless conflict inherent in love relationships: "I don't want intimacy mother--I'm too tired of it all" (60).
In the case of NCL, the symbolic mutation of the corporate body from one imagistic projection to another allowed the company to address its unique existential angst by strategically attitudinizing toward and ritualistically prevailing over its domestic and foreign competitors.
here they go attitudinizing, and pretending to do something which only
As with all attitudinizing frames, the rhetorical critique of legal decisions has its advantages (advocating for a fairer reading of the law) and limitations (the re-reading and re-writing of judicial texts as our scholarly task limits our inventive resources to legally legible rhetorics).
The beefcake attitudinizing of Josef Thorak's Aryan monuments would also have been a natural inclusion.
And, finally, "realists" like Kissinger and Nixon were ideologically irritated by the neutralist and Third World attitudinizing of Pandit Nehru and his successors as Indian prime minister.