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 (ə-trăk′tən-sē) also at·trac·tance (-təns)
The capacity, as of a pheromone, to attract.
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(əˈtræktənsɪ) or


(Biology) the capacity of a pheromone to attract
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In addition, to study the attractance of the oriental wasp to heptyl butrate mixed with the beef bait.
Attractance to browsers - nutritional value: Mopane is rich in vital nutrients such as crude protein, calcium, phosphorus (Bonsma, 1942; Hooimeijer et al., 2005), and essential fatty acids (Lawton, 1968).
Fifty traps containing either the individual BioLure dispensers or the Unipak were observed for fly attractance. For this test, the individual BioLure components or the Unipak was attached to the clip on the inside top of the Multilure trap.