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 (ə-trăk′tən-sē) also at·trac·tance (-təns)
The capacity, as of a pheromone, to attract.
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(əˈtræktənsɪ) or


(Biology) the capacity of a pheromone to attract
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(2014) proposed that females are not protein limited in the field, which may explain the low attractancy of protein bait sprays to this species (Balagawi et al.
metal or thatched roves) and number and size of windows/doors which could influence house attractancy and entry opportunities for vectors; and other human factors which could have influenced vector behaviour (e.g.
Sensory bases of attractancy: Morphology of mosquito olfactory sencilla: a review.
Less than 50% of the lure evaporated during the fruit ripening period, when fruit were susceptible to fly infestation (3 months), and attractancy was maintained right until the end of the trial period (Fig.