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A substance, such as a pheromone, that attracts insects or other animals.


(Biochemistry) a substance that attracts, esp a chemical (sex attractant) produced by an insect and attracting insects of the same species. See also pheromone


(əˈtræk tənt)

an attracting agent or substance; lure: the sex attractant of an insect.
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Designed to trump corn as a deer attractant, BB2 provides 110 percent of its energy value while being far easier for whitetails to digest.
This sweet-smelling, sweet-tasting attractant is ideal for coating a decaying log or stump to create a summer-long meeting spot.
The Rut Rouser Dual Mister is a remote-activated scent dispenser that can deliver attractant or cover-up scents.
All types of systems (static or with water flow, with or without barriers, with free feed or into a container) are used to observe the attractant preference of organisms towards a particular feed, ingredient or specific type of chemical compounds (commercial attractants, animal and plant extracts, amino acids, nucleotides, amines, pheromones, etc.).
To better understand the effectiveness of these attractant traps, fruit infestation at the test site also was investigated at harvest.
Scent Web maintains its attractant products are 300 percent more potent than other scents, and effectively last up to five times longer in the field.
One of the most successful natural fly control methods is the use of pheromone attractant traps.
These contain a hormonal sex attractant. Male moths who are driven by instinct to look for a mate get stuck and die on the female-scented sticky pad.
7 January 2015 - US-based Arcus Hunting, LLC has completed its acquisition of the Tink's deer lure and attractant brand, the company said on Wednesday.
In addition to trapping mosquitoes with dengue fever, Ulibarri is perfecting an attractant that would work with the mosquito species that carry malaria.
The team finally managed to create a powerful chemical attractant that could trap bedbugs.
Last December, I successfully used an attractant of pure, pheromone-loaded estrus urine from a deer farm in Iowa.