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A substance, such as a pheromone, that attracts insects or other animals.


(Biochemistry) a substance that attracts, esp a chemical (sex attractant) produced by an insect and attracting insects of the same species. See also pheromone


(əˈtræk tənt)

an attracting agent or substance; lure: the sex attractant of an insect.
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Orchid bees were collected with insect nets at bait stations that consisted of a cotton ball containing a chemical attractant suspended approximately 1.
Scent Web maintains its attractant products are 300 percent more potent than other scents, and effectively last up to five times longer in the field.
Contract notice: Supply of ready-to-use bait traps with food attractant and insecticide used to reduce the population of wilt ceratitis capitata in the Valencian community.
The irresistible draw of Moultrie's new Pecan Pie deer attractant powder ($14.
One of the most successful natural fly control methods is the use of pheromone attractant traps.
bag) is a nutritious attractant from Evolved Habitats that deer can't resist.
7 January 2015 - US-based Arcus Hunting, LLC has completed its acquisition of the Tink's deer lure and attractant brand, the company said on Wednesday.
In addition to trapping mosquitoes with dengue fever, Ulibarri is perfecting an attractant that would work with the mosquito species that carry malaria.
Last December, I successfully used an attractant of pure, pheromone-loaded estrus urine from a deer farm in Iowa.
Some effective active mosquito traps use multiple attractants--light, carbon dioxide and an attractant called "octenol"--to lure mosquitoes and then suck them in with a fan.
So even though chondroitin seems to help by some other, as of yet determined mechanism, it is probably not helpful in recreating the all important electrical water attractant for this reason.
Combining the LEDs with an attractant made the pyramid design even more effective, capturing 70 beetles versus 4 using a standard dome design.