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A substance, such as a pheromone, that attracts insects or other animals.
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(Biochemistry) a substance that attracts, esp a chemical (sex attractant) produced by an insect and attracting insects of the same species. See also pheromone
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(əˈtræk tənt)

an attracting agent or substance; lure: the sex attractant of an insect.
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Domestic Diva's Instinctively Yours is also one of the first pheromone attractants to be applied as a roll on in an easy to use glass bottle.
Sports fishing is a fragmented global market and this disposal enables Kiotech to focus exclusively on the exciting potential of the global aquaculture and agriculture markets with its innovative ranges of AquaticeA[R] pheromone feed attractants and Kiotechagil and Optivite feed additives."
Alternatively, if there are attractants produced, then larger pitcher size could also be correlated with a greater quantity of these attractants.
By determining what this process involves, he hopes that these attractants can be developed into a trap to protect forests from this scourge.
We aimed to develop formulated bait for edible crab using the formulated sea urchin/red king crab feed as a basis, and using by-products from the fishery and aquaculture industry as attractants. The performance of the four baits was compared with that of the most commonly used natural bait.
Working with an international consortium, the Liverpool team, headed by molecular entomologist Professor Mike Lehane, will use the grant to develop attractants and repellents aimed at tricking the tsetse fly's sense of smell.
To minimize any confounding cues, such as shading or light, the researchers then set the possible attractants in chambers connected to the plant by curving pipes.
The specific aim of the project is to reduce the population of malaria transmitting mosquitoes by identifying effective perfumes that act as attractants to traps or as mosquito repellents.
These behavioral elements can be monitored to distinguish between chemical attractants and repellents.
Passive control measures focus on long-term hazard prevention by eliminating refuges or controlling attractants such as vegetation, artificial food sources, and other environmental variables.
Could you be drowning out some of your most powerful yet natural chemical "attractants"?
Current projects include efforts to use insect pheromones (synthetic copies of naturally produced chemicals) as sex attractants to confuse male insects in search of females and thus prevent normal mating.