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v. at·tract·ed, at·tract·ing, at·tracts
1. To cause to draw near or adhere by physical force: Magnetic poles are attracted to their opposites.
2. To arouse or compel the interest, admiration, or attention of: We were attracted by the display of lights.
To possess or use the power of attraction.

[Middle English attracten, from Latin attrahere, attract- : ad-, ad- + trahere, pull.]

at·tract′a·ble adj.
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Upon placing the magnet erect, with its attracting end towards the earth, the island descends; but when the repelling extremity points downwards, the island mounts directly upwards.
To explain the manner of its progress, let A B represent a line drawn across the dominions of Balnibarbi, let the line C D represent the loadstone, of which let D be the repelling end, and C the attracting end, the island being over C: let the stone be placed in position C D, with its repelling end downwards; then the island will be driven upwards obliquely towards D.
other For generations, companion planting has been used to repel pests, or at least lure them to anplant away from your crops, as well as attracting beneficial insects who will eat some of the nuisance ones.
'Political stability, improved infrastructure and peace and safety are main factors attracting more foreign visitors,' he said.
Iran should change its way of attracting foreign investors, governor of Iran's north-eastern Razavi Khorasan province Alireza Razm Hosseini said.
Cho said Shinhan Financial Group is now focusing on attracting investors in other regions in a bid to boost the group's overseas businesses.
The university had opened slots for 500 students but enlisted only 21, with the majority of courses attracting one or no student.Tangaza University College registered only 24 students, representing 4.
Global Banking News-June 14, 2017--Singapore and Hong Kong to outpace Switzerland in attracting offshore wealth
NAWABSHAH -- Azadi Train galleries and cultural floats attracting a large number of people here at Nawabshah.
5 MICHAELMAS DAISY: A late-flowering plant perfect for attracting autumn hatching varieties.
Kazakhstan has all necessary conditions for attracting the foreign investments, said chairman of the Economic Research Institute Maksat Mukhanov during the media briefing of the Central Communications Service in Astana today.