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1. attribute.
2. attributive.
3. attributively.
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The views expressed in this article are those of the author and should not be attrib uted to the Government of Canada.
As the advert was thin on details, Mr Sumner provided information about a few more key attrib utes.
cls clear Limpia la pantalla chmod attrib Permite cambiar los atributos de un archivo o directorio chown Tal como lo pueden ser el propietario, el grupo de pertenencia y los permisos rmdir rmdir Borrar directorios
Table 1 Percentage of Correctly Classified Employees with all 4 Attribute Variables (Salary, Education, Experience, and Time) and with 3 Attribute Variables (Omitting Salary) # of Attrib Differences Model Var.
Shamsul notes that the positive role of Islamic financial institutions is a recent phenomenon, indeed largely attrib utable to the effects of the New Economic Policy (p.
Notice that the 1989 version of the warning label neither attrib utes lung cancer (and other types of cancer) to smoking, nor does it warn pregnant women of smoking as dangerous (see Mainichi Shinbun Yuukan [1989] and Nikkei Ryuutsuu Shinbun [1989]).
By contrast, Elaine de Kooning's comparatively meager institutional recognition as an artist can be attrib uted to her conscious flouting of the AbEx framework.
SiteStuff wanted to get to market quickly with highly attrib uted, up-to-date product information," said Trey Simonton, ec-Content's executive vice president of business development.
63] The latter implies that some items are now taxed at the marginal tax rate of the individual recipient, while fringe benefits that are not attrib uted to individuals, are subject to fringe benefit tax at a flat rate of 49 per cent.
Painting: The Annunciation to the Shepherds, pre-1550, Jacobus Coen attrib.