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attributive adjective

Attributive adjectives are adjectives that describe a characteristic (or attribute) of the noun or pronoun that they modify. They form part of a noun phrase, appearing immediately before (or sometimes after) the noun in a sentence.
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A word or word group, such as an adjective, that is placed adjacent to the noun it modifies without a linking verb; for example, pale in the pale girl.
1. Grammar Of, relating to, or being an attributive, as an adjective.
2. Of or having the nature of an attribution or attribute.

at·trib′u·tive·ly adv.


1. relating to an attribute
2. (Grammar) grammar (of an adjective or adjectival phrase) modifying a noun and constituting part of the same noun phrase, in English normally preceding the noun, as black in Fido is a black dog (as opposed to Fido is black). Compare predicative
3. (Philosophy) philosophy relative to an understood domain, as small in that elephant is small
(Grammar) an attributive adjective
atˈtributively adv
atˈtributiveness n


(əˈtrɪb yə tɪv)

1. pertaining to or having the character of attribution or an attribute.
2. of or pertaining to an adjective or noun that is directly adjacent to, in English usu. preceding, the noun it modifies as the adjective sunny in a sunny day or the noun television in a television screen.
3. an attributive word, esp. an adjective.
at•trib′u•tive•ly, adv.


A word or group of words that modifies a noun to which it is immediately adjacent.
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Adj.1.attributive - of adjectives; placed before the nouns they modify; "`red' is an attributive adjective in `a red apple'"
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
predicative - of adjectives; relating to or occurring within the predicate of a sentence; "`red' is a predicative adjective in `the apple is red'"


[əˈtrɪbjʊtɪv] ADJ (Ling) → atributivo


nAttributiv nt


[əˈtrɪbjʊtɪv] adj (Gram) → attributivo/a
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Rise in the R&D and funding activities in this segment is attributive for the larger share of this segment.
Nel tempo le teorie attributive si sono moltiplicate, portando le prove per una possibile paternita di: Brunetto Latini, Rustico Filippi, Dante da Maiano, Lippo Pasci de' Bardi (ovvero "l'amico di Dante"), Dante degli Abati, Durante di Giovanni, Folgore da San Gimignano, Antonio Pucci, (6) Guido Cavalcanti, Francesco da Barberino, Immanuel Romano, Cecco Angiolieri, Guillaume Durand.
Adjectives are listed under their predictive form, followed by their attributive form.
Exchanging them for unilateral illegitimate instruments of a punitive nature, including the granting of attributive functions to the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), may lead to an increase of political arbitrariness in the international relations and an erosion of international law," the Russian foreign ministry stressed.
2018-01 approved by the board of directors of 15.12.2017 for its current version), the regulation defines the rights and obligations of inca and the beneficiary of the allowance the financial audits are obligatorily carried out on the basis of a financial report and will concern beneficiaries whose realization of the project, object of the attributive act, is either significantly advanced (reception by inca of one or more reports intermediaries), has expired (receipt of the final report and payment of the balance of the grant).
Though the information in The Express Tribune story was clearly attributed to BBC Urdu, the headline didn't have the attributive tag, which created an impression that it was our own story.
Throughout the background and approaches made, it has been observed that there are no studies in the state of Sonora, specifically in the southern region, that define the attributive variables in primary students that influence the basic use of ICTs, that is, the characteristics that influence students to use ICT in academic activities.
Unlike previous reports, our case had corticospinal and tegmental tract involvement besides cerebellar atrophy, which could be attributed to the possible progressive course of the disease attributive to the advanced age of our patient.
As to the first, Bennett considers integration as problems like burdens and tensions, and as normative phenomena, by scrutinizing attributive adjectives, mental process, modal verbs, British values, metaphors of movement, and transitivity.
So many lofty epithets and attributive titles, many of them now hopelessly archaic, have wrapped him in the brocade of Pakistani pride.
Shake-speare." This variation likely relates to sensitivity surrounding the Oldcastle controversy, and a desire to curtail attributive claims and emphasize the play's "corrected" state.
The potential in these devices to enable rapid detection of infectious diseases is attributive for the estimated market.