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adj., v. -trit•ed, -trit•ing. adj.
1. Also, at•trit′ed. worn by rubbing or attrition.
2. to reduce by attrition.
[1615–25; < Latin attrītus, past participle of atterere to rub against, wear away =at- at- + terere to rub]
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Why would they watch us build up our forces, knowing attack is imminent, when they can attrite our forces before we even bring them to bear?
Respondents who attrite between Wave I and Wave II may be inherently different from respondents who complete both waves.
We focus on the attrition and promotion behavior of waivered recruits as compared with their non-waivered counterparts, and we examine whether they are more likely to attrite or less likely to promote quickly.
SunTrust Bank demonstrated that its mobile banking customers were on average 32 percent more profitable than its online customers, generated 19 percent more revenue, and were 53 percent less likely to attrite.
Deception and concealment alone cannot guarantee success; they are complements to, rather than substitutes for, robust kinetic weapon systems that physically attrite sensors, weapons, platforms, and network infrastructures.
USAFRICOM's involvement has been credited with helping central African forces attrite the LRA to about 200 core fighters and about 600 supporters.
Participants who did not complete high school were more likely to attrite than were those who completed high school or above (p = .
What unions turned to (if they were not content to allow their jobs just to attrite, as they did in railroads, garment making, and sedating, among others) was to change their orientation away from aggressive organizing and tendentious labor disputes to more-businesslike maneuverings.
In the case of abrasive bodies, that strongly attrite the chute feeder, it is recommended a value of [lambda] close to 3.
This is a high rate but the sub-sample lost to attrition did not have any significantly different characteristics to those who did not attrite, and the researchers felt that the attrition was unrelated to patients' ART experiences.
The ultimate goal of the Taliban is not to attrite our own forces, but to erode public support in the West through isolated attacks.