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tr.v. at·trit·ted, at·trit·ting, at·trits or at·trit·ed or at·trit·ing
To weaken or reduce in number by stress or military action: "attriting enemy forces faster than they could be replaced" (Lewis Sorley ).

[Back-formation from attrition.]
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Adj.1.attrited - worn by rubbing or frictionattrited - worn by rubbing or friction    
worn - affected by wear; damaged by long use; "worn threads on the screw"; "a worn suit"; "the worn pockets on the jacket"
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In a long lasting war "we quickly run out of modern weapons, because they just get attrited too fast.
Another mechanized company team repositioned and was further attrited, contributing to the battalion's sequential defeat in detail.
With the attrited sample of ninety out of hundred and fifty five mothers assessed prenatally and within four weeks postnatal, this research documented important findings.
These results can be easily explained since the SCI unit is removing a recirculating load that is not only finer than the "fresh feed" to the circuit but has not been further attrited during additional recirculation.
Before proceeding with prosthetic phase patient was referred to endodontic department for full mouth intentional root canal treatment as most of his teeth were attrited and there was severe gingival recession.
The Taliban simply attrited US forces during these operations with improvised explosive devices, mines, and snipers, and flowed back into the "swept" areas as soon as US forces left.
Over the years, policemen without college degrees have been at risk of being attrited or terminated from the service due to nonpromotion.
Excluding the attrited participants from the sample, the cohort mean at the first time of measurement (29.
Islamic state especially over the next several months is going to be attrited at a much faster rate than the recruitment rate," Abrahms said.
Inter-disciplinary management of a patient with severely attrited teeth".
The parallels identified between the siblings' linguistic behavior and that of adult heritage speakers have two further implications: first, they imply that some aspects of the heritage language of adults are the outcome of an interrupted process of acquisition of this language between the ages of 3; 0 and 5; 0, when more intensive exposure to another language, English in our case, reduces exposure to the heritage language and diminishes the opportunities to use it; and second, given that the siblings' input in Spanish is not attrited or reduced, the results suggest that some of the changes that have been identified across generations of bilinguals (e.
We examined whether attrition causes systematic discrepancy of some of the relevant variables for observations that have attrited in later years, as opposed to the ones that have not, by conducting Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney tests.