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Being in a state of nervous excitement; twittering: a crowd atwitter with expectation.


twittering, nervously excited


(əˈtwɪt ər)

excited; nervous; twittering.


adj pred (fig)in heller Aufregung
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Since the Hollywood premiere of Marvel Studio's latest superhero flick, Black Panther, the interwebs have been all atwitter with buzz and anticipation for its opening this Friday.
A few days ago, social media was all atwitter over news that catcher Chris Gimenez had signed a minor- league deal with the Cubs and snagged an invite to big-league spring training.
And even though nobody outside the room knows whether they were comparing Pokemon collections or talking over jobs in the new administration, the political world is atwitter with the possibility of an Attorney General Cruz, or perhaps, something else (Trump reportedly offered the AG post to Alabama Sen.
In the wake of Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch and, more recently, Commonwealth Financial Network announcing that they will stop offering commission products to their IRA clients, the internet has been atwitter with comments about the unfairness of the Department of Labor's new rules for retirement account advisors.
13, 1994, Variety led with the banner story "Troika Sets Town Atwitter.
To Hawk, some of Rowling's tweets seem designed solely to get the fandom all atwitter for Warner Bros, such as when the author tweeted that Ron and Hermione will suffer marital issues.
Fans were atwitter on social media on Tuesday when a cryptic artwork was released online, matching a mysterious London Underground poster that led to speculation that a new album was in the pipeline.
with such insistence and wily finesse that they even got the scientific community all atwitter about an imaginary "global warming hiatus.
Several hard-copy publications, mostly American and British newspapers/journals, had printed advance reviews of Birmingham's book, and cyberspace was all atwitter about Birmingham's claim to have unearthed "new" evidence to support the old argument that Joyce had syphilis.
ATwitter may not be the most representative barometer of sensible fan feeling, but more than a few supporters have taken to their keyboards in recent weeks to question everything from Roberto Martinez's training techniques, to the capability of the club's medical and physiotherapy staff.
ATWITTER troll who delighted in the fatal stabbing of teacher Ann Maguire has been jailed for eight weeks.