atypical pneumonia

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Noun1.atypical pneumonia - an acute respiratory disease marked by high fever and coughing; caused by mycoplasma; primarily affecting children and young adults
respiratory disease, respiratory disorder, respiratory illness - a disease affecting the respiratory system
ornithosis, parrot fever, psittacosis - an atypical pneumonia caused by a rickettsia microorganism and transmitted to humans from infected birds
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Accordingly, abandoning initial empiric coverage for LD might yield a differential effect on outcomes depending on season, region, and weather, and treating all CAP cases for atypical pneumonia in areas and seasons when LD is relatively uncommon may result in the excessive use of antimicrobial agents.
Aetiology according to Gender Gender Total (n= 50) Aetiology Male (n= 33) Female (n= 17) Falciparum Malaria 6 (12%) 4 (8%) 10 (20%) Dengue Fever 5 (10%) 3 (6%) 8 (16%) Vivax Malaria 6 (12%) 2 (4%) 8 (16%) Mixed Malaria 2 (4%) 2 (4%) 4 (8%) Atypical Pneumonia 3 (6%) 1 (2%) 4 (8%) UTI 1 (2%) 1 (2%) 2 (4%) DSS 0 1 (2%) 1 (2%) Sepsis 2 (4%) 0 2 (4%) Enteric Fever 1 (2%) 0 1 (2%) LL Pneumonia 0 1 (2%) 1 (2%) Other Viral Fevers 7 (14%) 2 (4%) 9 (18%) Table 4.
The vast number of Communist Party members and leading cadres at all levels should bear in mind the purpose of whole-heartedly serving the people, regard doing a good job in preventing and controlling atypical pneumonia as conscious practice of implementing the important thinking of the "Three Represents," and unite and lead the broad masses of the people [italicized words added] in plunging into the struggle to prevent and control atypical pneumonia.
However, atypical pneumonia have been discussed in limited regions of the world (27) and more recently with investigations among HIV-infected patients.
Atypical pneumonia is a form of pneumonia not caused by one of the more traditional pathogens, and it presents clinically in a manner that is inconsistent with typical pneumonia.
The only study done in Pakistan on frequency of atypical pneumonia used a clinical approach for diagnosis in hospitalised children which is not reliable in terms of differentiating between etiologic causes of pneumonia.
An acute infection of the respiratory tract with atypical pneumonia.
Microbiological analysis of sputum samples was performed in accordance to the standard microbiological methods (5) to detect typical and atypical pneumonia causative agents.
SARS is a newly recognized respiratory illness, some cases resembling atypical pneumonia, which initially appeared in China's Guangdong Province in November 2002.
pneumoniae are common in most areas of the world, which cause atypical pneumonia and other respiratory tract diseases with outbreaks occurring every 4-7 year intervals.
Be alert for atypical pneumonia symptoms, which include confusion, fatigue, and lethargy, as well as the typical symptoms of fever, coughing, sputum production and breathlessness.
Their research was based on Mycoplasma pneumoniae, the bacteria that causes atypical pneumonia.

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