au revoir

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au re·voir

 (ō′ rə-vwär′)
Used to express farewell.

[French : au, till the + revoir, seeing again.]

au revoir

(o rəvwar)
sentence substitute
[literally: to the seeing again]

au re•voir

(oʊ rəˈvwar; Eng. ˌoʊ rəˈvwɑr)

interj. French.
until we see each other again; good-bye for the present.

au revoir

A French phrase meaning until we meet again, used as a farewell.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: revoir - a farewell remarkau revoir - a farewell remark; "they said their good-byes"
farewell, word of farewell - an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting

au revoir

[ˌəʊrəˈvwɑːʳ] ADVhasta la vista
References in classic literature ?
"Au revoir," said our visitor, and, with a bright, kindly glance from one to the other of us, she replaced her pearl-box in her bosom and hurried away.
Au revoir, dear prince, come in and see us often, do; and I shall tell old Princess Bielokonski about you.
"Well, au revoir, prince," said Adelaida, "I must be going too." She pressed the prince's hand warmly, and gave him a friendly smile as she left the room.
"AU REVOIR," said the Musketeer, making a sign to Grimaud to uncork the bottle he had just brought.
Au revoir. But you look tired," he added, solicitously.
There's a smiling wee Angel that's waiting, this is not goodbye, just au revoir.
We could even create a new TV series and call it Au Revoir, Kid based on a group of West Midlands brickies working on the conversion and could give cameo roles to some of the old favourites like Oz, Neville and Barry.
But since the Frenchman waved au revoir, there's been a number of issues.
"I will keep learning hard," said Hsieh, who was better known as a stage actress but started gaining recognition in cinema when she appeared in "Au Revoir Taipei" in 2010.
"With our winter seat release, you can say au revoir to the winter woes and salut to new adventures on a well-deserved trip to the Continent."
Students in France must say "au revoir" to their cellphones.
Paisley has said"au revoir"to the Monte Carlo Classic Rally as Clydebank was chosen as the new starting point for the famous event.