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Of or relating to the sense of hearing; aural.

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of or relating to sound and the sense of hearing
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(ˈɔ di əl)

aural 2.
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To illustrate the variety of sound walk events on offer, you can join a group of sound artists as they capture the sounds and silences of the world largest and Britain's most famous library; participate in a choreographical walk event that takes place simultaneously in Oxford Street, London and downtown Boston, USA; dance amongst the trees in Chichester, walk through the night or practice a Chinese audial meditation in the Polish city of Krakow; immerse yourself in an audio-drama played out on a bus route in London or in Cape Town; or becoming a tortoise as you follow it through the Botanic Garden in Athens; or sing your heart out on a walk in a palm house in a botanic garden in Belfast.
Improves co-ordination: Playing video games improves coordination as gamers will need to coordinate their visual, audial and physical movement thus improving hand and eye coordination while still providing stimuli to the brain.
One person may be an audial learner and enjoy podcasts.
In audial tests, bilateral mixed-type hearing loss and in ophthalmological examinations, bilateral punctuate keratopathy, ectropion, and cataract formation in the left eye were found.
Through examining current theories and research they recognised the importance of visual, audial, gestural and special patterns as meaning making tools.
Part of this involves installing onboard information systems on trains, which can provide information to passengers through visual and audial means.
Any interpretive component of an exhibit, whether textual, visual, or audial, conveys information about the works on display and how it all fits into wider sets of meanings.
Thus Trilling finds that "none of [the Indians] has dignity" (146); Crews rejects anything that might be a challenge to the usually sane Western mind; and Fillion finds the Krishna Festival, as a climax to her interests in audial imagery, an "uncanny Babel of sound" "that bespeaks the essential otherness of India" (141).
First Stage: In the first stage of the data collection process, the students whose reading skill level is at anxiety level and who do not have any problem (audial, visual, etc.) that could prevent the development of their reading skills were determined by talking to their teachers, school guide teachers and guidance research center.
Shelley's emphasis on auditory perception served to complicate a Romantic tradition in which the audial sense was employed to express "a transcendence of difference" (Caldwell 42).