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Of or relating to the sense of hearing; aural.


of or relating to sound and the sense of hearing


(ˈɔ di əl)

aural 2.
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Thus Trilling finds that "none of [the Indians] has dignity" (146); Crews rejects anything that might be a challenge to the usually sane Western mind; and Fillion finds the Krishna Festival, as a climax to her interests in audial imagery, an "uncanny Babel of sound" "that bespeaks the essential otherness of India" (141).
Shelley's emphasis on auditory perception served to complicate a Romantic tradition in which the audial sense was employed to express "a transcendence of difference" (Caldwell 42).
The ECE PEDO gives audial feedback to the participant instantly according to these uploaded targets and displays a personal report about the step counts in certain durations reflecting the intensity of walking.
Four Seasons Chat alerts staff immediately via visual and audial cues to ensure that no message is missed and responses are delivered right away.
Magic Butterfly invites people to re-imagine scenes from two classic operas - The Magic Flute and Madam Butterfly - in an immersive visual and audial experience.
The milliseconds it takes my students to evaluate the audial stimulus of my clapping hands and to determine that it does not pose a threat to their survival are the time in which affect is operative: their bodies are on high alert, their pupils dilate, their hearts race; they cannot yet think, let alone articulate verbally what their bodies are doing, what they are feeling.
Vroon 13) What this means is that we are less able to describe smells linguistically than visual and audial cues.
He has masterfully created a whole new level of sound, crossing audial concepts of exotica and ambient music into something we've never heard before.
We just make songs that are inclined to the audial aesthetic that we want.
ICT means any visual, audial, printed or written means that enables reaching and forming information (Cavas, Kisla & Twining, 2004).