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 (ô′dē-ō-kə-sĕt′, -kă-)
A cassette containing blank or prerecorded audiotape.
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Noun1.audiocassette - a cassette for audiotapeaudiocassette - a cassette for audiotape    
cassette - a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video
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Lynch Dennis Brain Collection consists of commercial and unpublished orchestral and solo recordings, featuring Brain, on audiocassette, compact disc, 33%-rpm long-play and 78-rpm records, VHS video cassette, and DVD.
Recording studios were scarce before audiocassette technology opened the door to cheap production facilities in the 1970s and 1980s.
Phonetabletaccessories' ptacse-900061 iPhone 5 case has a thick shell that protects the mobile phone, and its 'audiocassette' design offers both style and character to the iPhone 5.
Police reports suggest that Singh and his wife were charged after an audiocassette by Singh's political adversary Vijai Singh Mankotia was released in 2007.
For understanding al-Qa'ida's emergence as an organization and its intellectual leverage in a more embryonic era of pre-9/11 militant jockeying, the Kandahar audiocassette collection may prove incomparable.
Hansen's life hit a turning point when he heard an audiocassette by motivational speaker Cavett Robert.
The audio business card is a 10- to 12-minute audiocassette tape that is professionally produced with music and an interviewer who asks me questions about my philosophy and my business.
Subjects' maximal oxygen uptake ([VO.sub.2max]) was indirectly obtained using a multi-stage 20-m shuttle run test .Briefly, this consisted of shuttle running between two parallel lines set 20 m apart, running speed cues being indicated by signals emitted from a commercially available pre-recorded audiocassette tape.
The patient listens to a hypnotic audiocassette tape intraoperatively.
Select one or more from the following seven: braille, screen-reading software, audiocassette, lens (magnifier), large print, screen-magnification software, and closed-circuit television (CCTV).
An adage I recall from my early career days producing audiocassette tapes with business, finance and motivational authors goes, "You are what you think about all day." The expression has come to mind recently as I'm feeling bombarded 24/7 with negative news--economically speaking.