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 (ô′dē-ō-kə-sĕt′, -kă-)
A cassette containing blank or prerecorded audiotape.
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Noun1.audiocassette - a cassette for audiotapeaudiocassette - a cassette for audiotape    
cassette - a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video
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In addition, display of videos and audiocassettes containing objectionable speeches will be banned.
" Novex communications has been licensing sound recordings for ' non- physical' use, is for all forms of exploitation of copyright in sound recordings except the manufacture and sale of physical copies like vinyl discs, audiocassettes and currently compact discs ( CDs).
It considers how the racialized anti-communism of the blacklist period shaped the photos and films made by agribusiness and farm worker unions; United Farm Workers filmmaking in relation to Latin American Third Cinema and anti-Vietnam War films and popular accounts of video and audiocassettes during the Iranian Revolution; how the technological visions of California agribusiness in the films of George Lucas and the activist art of Ester Hernandez and Barbara Carrasco engage with Cold War militarism; and farm workers in the films Sleep Dealer and Gatekeeper and the novella Lunar Braceros.
At the event, Maulana Hifzur Rehman Seoharvi Academy's services for preaching and spreading Islam by distributing free CDs, literature and audiocassettes were praised.
They provide the blind with audiocassettes and lessons printed in Braille, a tactile system of raised dots the blind are able to read by running their fingers across a page.
audiocassettes as prescribed by examination boards.
The agreement extended copyright protection for the first time from the author of a work to the creators and owners of particular, physical manifestations of intellectual property, such as audiocassettes or DVDs.
Acquired by the Cable News Network in early 2002 from Bin Ladin's Kandahar compound, more than 1,500 audiocassettes are being made available to public researchers by Yale University.
For this second edition, dictated transcriptions are available on a web site; dictations are still available on audiocassettes for teaches who prefer them.
Sources further told that the challan comprised on nearly 216 pages and mentioned details about goods recovered from arrested US citizens, mobile phones, computers, audiocassettes and Video CDs.
A subsequent search there turned up, among other artifact, an abandoned cache of some 1,500 audiocassettes and videotapes.
In addition, 13 participants stated that they would like to find more books in braille, and 5 stated that they would like to have access to more audiocassettes.