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It is further stated that HPC was also providing Physiotherapy OPD, Speech Therapy, Audiometer, Artificial Limbs, Walking Aids and Orthopaedic Consultation.
This test measures a person's ability to hear sounds of different frequencies and intensities using an audiometer.
The Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia (CLaSH) recently donated a screening audiometer valued at N$11400 to the St Mary Catholic Hospital in Rehoboth to aid screening efforts and early identification of children with hearing impairments in the district.
Calibration of audiometer and requirements for test booths
The NEW Excalibur audiometer from CASTLE GROUP LIMITED provides the perfect "sound solution" for audiometric testing.
GN Otometrics has released a new version of the OTOsuite software for the MADSEN Astera audiometer, with new features and improved functionality such as new report templates and a historical audiogram comparison tool that makes it possible to compare thresholds over time.
He presents 17 chapters covering acoustics and sound measurement, anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, measurement principles and the nature of hearing, the audiometer and test environment, pure tone audiometry, auditory system and related disorders, acoustic immittance assessment, speech audiometry, clinical masking, behavioral tests for audiological diagnosis, physiological methods in audiology, assessment of infants and children, audiological screening, nonorganic hearing loss, audiological management, and effects of noise and hearing conservation.
50 Years Ago Lip-reading classes for children with defective hearing established at both schools for the deaf, a new school clinic at Warren Farm Road, restarting of the testing of children's hearing by the gramophone audiometer, and expansion of the Child Guidance Service, are among the developments reported in the report for 1952 of the School Medical Officer for Birmingham, Dr Harold Cohen.