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An instrument for measuring hearing activity for pure tones of normally audible frequencies. Also called sonometer.

au′di·o·met′ric (-ō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
au′di·om′e·try n.
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Adj.1.audiometric - of or relating to audiometryaudiometric - of or relating to audiometry  
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adj audiométrico
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Demant A/S is an international hearing healthcare company within hearing aids, audiometric equipment and personal communication.
The OHC should be supervised by an audiologist or medical doctor who is a CAOHC trained Professional Supervisor of Audiometric Monitoring Programs.
Each module addresses a core competency: audiometric assessment, ear impressions, hearing instrument fitting and orientation, and hearing instrument care and follow-up.
However, no study analyzed long-term audiometric outcomes in SSNHL.
Each participant had an audiometric hearing test -- an objective way to assess hearing loss -- and was screened for depression.
Tests for hearing evaluations are categorized into audiometric hearing evaluation, videonystagmography (VNG), vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP), rotary chair and computerized dynamic posturography.
Investigators determined that the company failed to implement an audiometric testing program to monitor employee hearing loss, and controls to reduce noise levels; use machine guards; provide adequate respiratory protection; remove damaged forklifts from use; train workers on hazardous communication; and store flammable materials properly.
Coronary artery disease had the highest correlation with audiometric thresholds and was correlated with hearing loss at all frequencies tested and with poor word recognition score.
Study leader Dr Carlijn le Clercq said: "In this study, 14.2 per cent of schoolaged children showed audiometric notches or high-frequency hearing loss.
The aim of this study was to evaluate computed tomography (CT) findings in patients with otosclerosis and determine their correlation with audiometric findings and surgical outcome in a nonendemic population.
Acute acoustic trauma is typically characterized by the sudden onset of tinnitus in the affected ear/ears, a sensation of blocked ear and the sudden onset of unilateral/bilateral hearing loss with a temporary or permanent threshold shift, typically with an audiometric notch at 4 kHz or 6 kHz.