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1. A magnetic tape used to record sound for subsequent playback.
2. A tape recording of sound.
tr.v. au·di·o·taped, au·di·o·tap·ing, au·di·o·tapes
To record (sound) on magnetic tape: audiotaped the interview for replay on radio.


(ˈɔːdɪəʊteɪp) or

audio tape

magnetic tape used to record sound
vb (tr)
to make a sound recording of something


(ˈɔ di oʊˌteɪp)

magnetic tape on which sound is recorded.
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Noun1.audiotape - a tape recording of soundaudiotape - a tape recording of sound    
DAT, digital audiotape - a digital tape recording of sound
audio recording, sound recording, audio - a recording of acoustic signals
tape recording, taping, tape - a recording made on magnetic tape; "the several recordings were combined on a master tape"
2.audiotape - magnetic tape for use in recording soundaudiotape - magnetic tape for use in recording sound
mag tape, magnetic tape, tape - memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide; used to record audio or video signals or to store computer information; "he took along a dozen tapes to record the interview"


audio tape [ˈɔːdiəʊteɪp]
(= magnetic tape) → bande f audio inv
(US) (= cassette) → cassette f
vt (US)enregistrer sur cassette
an audiotaped recording of family members' discussions → un enregistrement sur cassette des discussions entre des membres de la famille
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January 13, 2018 (JUBA) -- Presidential spokesman Saturday Ateny Wek Ateny has questioned the logic behind the denial of the authenticity of the audiotapes which recorded the voices of former army chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan, ordering his associates in the army cause fighting or asked them to carry out attacks in some areas.
Let's not come to a situation where we would have to take justice in our own hands because then only God knows how this could end, representatives of Ali Ahmeti's party said with regard to the audiotapes of private conversations between BDI officials that have recently been posted on You Tube, social media and news websites and that authorities have not yet done anything to remove, Dnevnik reports.
SDSM leader Zoran Zaev presented another set of audiotapes of telephone conversations on Tuesday that he said proved that the tearing down of unlawfully constructed buildings across the country was done based on an interparty agreement between VMRO-DPMNE and BDI.
In this updated version of his 2002 book The Liberty Incident, author Cristol (law, University of Miami) offers six new chapters based on National Security Administration (NSA) interpretations of Israeli Air Force cockpit audiotapes and other recently declassified documents, showing that the incident was indeed a tragic mistake, not an intentional conspiracy.
Melbourne, July 27 (ANI): Now, all eyes are on Oksana Grigorieva's younger sister Natalie Grigorieva who is suspected of leaking the damning audiotapes of Mel Gibson's racist tirades.
large-print materials, audiotapes, or electronic materials).
MSMTA also maintains a large lending library of well-reviewed video and audiotapes, which form a basis of discussion for many local association meetings.
George W, Bush, as heard in audiotapes secretly recorded by friend Doug Wead when Bush was governor of Texas and reported in The New York Times, February 20
These audiotapes include insights and recommendations as to what actions can be taken to impede potential terrorist attacks and mitigate their effects against people, businesses, and U.
WASHINGTON - President Bush issued a Christmastime pardon Tuesday to a Northridge man who stole $32 worth of eight-track audiotapes from an air freight shipment back in 1969.
Nourse got the idea after learning that Kathryn Held, special education coordinator at Tacoma Community College, was having problems finding college text audiotapes for students who are blind or have reading disabilities.
The AMTDA U curriculum comprises three levels of training that will be delivered through a variety of media--online, live workshops, audiotapes, CD-ROM, workbooks, and article archives.