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1. An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy.
2. An adjustment or correction of accounts.
3. An examined and verified account.
4. A thorough examination or evaluation: an audit of water use.
v. au·dit·ed, au·dit·ing, au·dits
1. To examine, verify, or correct the financial accounts of: Independent accountants audit the company annually. The IRS audits questionable income tax returns.
2. To attend (a course) without requesting or receiving academic credit.
3. To examine or evaluate (something) thoroughly: audit a house's energy consumption.
To conduct an audit.

[Middle English (influenced by auditor, auditor), from Latin audītus, a hearing, from past participle of audīre, to hear; see au- in Indo-European roots.]

au′dit·a·ble adj.
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(Banking & Finance) finance the act of inspecting, correcting, and certifying (accounts, etc)
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[ˈɔːdɪtɪŋ] N auditing of accountsauditoría f, revisión f de cuentas
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Balashev found Davout seated on a barrel in the shed of a peasant's hut, writing- he was auditing accounts.
On the fourth day the auditing of the marshal's accounts took place at the high table of the marshal of the province.
Deane was auditing accounts; but he looked up as Tom entered, and putting out his hand, said, "Well, Tom, nothing fresh the matter at home, I hope?
That reporting relationship provides organizational independence, which is what is called for by the Government Accountability Office's Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.
Care must be taken before hiring former employees of the auditing firm as company employees, to be certain that the new employee will not impair the auditor's independence.
The KPMG team consisted of experienced financial audit partners and managers with extensive government financial auditing experience.
The panel's recommendations were principally directed to three groups able to influence audit conduct: the Auditing Standards Board, auditing firms and the former SEC Practice Section of the AICPA.
Acquire definitive guidance for successful solutions to the unique problems of auditing and reporting on financial statements for all types of employee benefit plans.
Edward Harris and Steven Serota are the cofounders of Commercial Tenant Services, one of the nation's first and foremost authorities on lease auditing. They have conducted lease audits nationally and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of tenants, including Fortune 500 companies.
Audit: An examination of an issuer's financial statements by an independent public accounting firm in accordance with PCAOB or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules (or, before PCAOB rules, in accordance with generally accepted auditing and related standards), for the purpose of expressing an opinion on such statements (SOA Section 2(a)(2)).
And at the outgoing EU Commission, Frits Bolkestein, Commissioner in charge of Internal Market and thus chief Brussels negotiator on matters such as auditing, accounting, corporate governance, and financial supervision, is a skilled negotiator, having played a key role in adjusting Europe's internal markets to the new challenges of globalization.