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Noun1.auditory meatus - either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membraneauditory meatus - either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane
auricular point, auriculare - the craniometric point at the center of the opening of the external acoustic meatus
meatus - a natural body passageway
external ear, outer ear - the part of the ear visible externally
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Specimens of molluscum contagiosum developed in the external auditory meatus. Lond Med Gazzette 1850: 46: 811.
Staging proposal for external auditory meatus carcinoma based on preoperative clinical examination and computed tomography findings.
In contrast to this selection of points in the interior of the skull, the Frankfort horizontal plane was drawn from the porion present at superior contour of external auditory meatus to orbitale point positoned at lower margin of orbitale.4 Because both porion and orbitale are located in the external boder of the bony framework of the face.
Penetrating injury through the external auditory meatus and barotrauma are other frequent causes.
It lies obliquely at the medial end of external auditory meatus forming major part of lateral wall of middle ear cavity.
CT-scan revealed extension to the lower wall of the external auditory meatus and the upper extremity of sternocleidomastoid muscle.
This is a versatile route for tumours of any size, although it can be difficult to reach the outer end of the internal auditory meatus.
Children with malformation in the external auditory meatus, with neurological alteration and / or genetic syndrome, as well as those with sensorineural or mixed hearing loss were excluded.
In addition to the mentioned pathology, there was a 10 x 4 mm enhancing lesion in the internal auditory meatus involving the 7th-8th nerve complex most likely acoustic neuroma, and there was no extension to the cerebellopontine angle (Figure 2(b)).
The internal auditory meatus (IAM) was identified on axial CISS sequence using the AGFA IMPAX Image Viewing Software.
The nervus intermedius enters the internal auditory meatus immediately after leaving the brainstem and travels with the facial nerve through the facial canal (Figure 1).
There was a mass located at the entrance of the internal auditory meatus at the root of the left facial nerve.