auditory perception

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Noun1.auditory perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenonauditory perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon
perception - the process of perceiving
speech perception - the auditory perception (and comprehension) of speech
musical perception - the auditory perception of musical sounds
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Adults who stutter showed hyperactivity in right hemisphere regions such as the inferior frontal cortex (IFC) and the anterior insula but at the same time, presented fewer activations in the left hemisphere regions like those of the IFC and the left temporal cortex when compared to fluent control groups on various speech tasks and auditory perception (16).
4) It has been suggested that the decline in cognitive functions such as "working memory" and "speed of processing" might affect auditory perception in the elderly.
The scientific gains for both Linguistics and Speech Therapy are the following: (a) contribution for the understanding of acquisition and development of children's auditory perception with typical language development; (2) generation of data of auditory perception phonemic contrasts in the BP; (3) contribution for the study of production and speech perception.
We will focus our ensemble recordings on two brain regions: 1) the dorsal CA1 region of the hippocampus, where the phenomenon of sleep replay has been most extensively examined, and 2) auditory cortex, a region of the brain critical for both auditory perception and long-term memory storage.
These kinds of adaptations can be observed in the callosal body, the large connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and in the arcuate fascicle, which links auditory perception and motor planning.
9-11) Accordingly, we strove to compare the level of auditory perception in children with cochlear implants with and without additional disabilities.
Skills to improve visual and auditory perception, spatial orientation, mathematical and literacy skills were not explicitly presented as separate activities.
A Guidebook for the Auditory Perception Test for the Hearing Impaired: From Assessment to Intervention (online access included)
Thus, an increasingly greater number of patients have acquired auditory perception again with the help of ABI, and their quality of life has improved.
These serious shortcomings in auditory perception and in the development of communication with the environment trigger a sequence of educational and psychological gaps that place children with this type of hearing loss in worsened conditions compared with hearing children (Acosta, 2006; World Health Organisation, 2001).
Sound is very important for the sighted people, but more vital for the visually impaired individuals, who are obliged to rely on their auditory perception in order to interact with the environment.
Hanninen recognizes this in her approach: although she admits a "lower bound for music perception" as postulated in auditory perception and cognitive psychology, hers is not a theory of perception or cognition, but rather of "analysis as an individual and imaginative account of musical events" (p.