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Noun1.auditory sense - the ability to hearauditory sense - the ability to hear; the auditory faculty; "his hearing was impaired"
auditory system - the sensory system for hearing
sense modality, sensory system, modality - a particular sense
exteroception - sensitivity to stimuli originating outside of the body
ear - good hearing; "he had a keen ear"; "a good ear for pitch"
absolute pitch, perfect pitch - the ability to identify the pitch of a tone
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Dubai: A non-invasive device promises to help infants younger than five years of age, who cannot be operated for hearing implants, regain their auditory sense.
Significant alterations in latencies of I wave both ipsilateral and contralateral and alteration in amplitude of I wave indicates sharpening of auditory sense modality in blind individuals at first order neuron only as sensitivity maybe increased at the first order neuron.
From a structural point of view, an artificial system to substitute the visual sense of a blind person with the auditory sense consists of three components: a sensor or sensor array that collects visual information from the environment (e.
We live in a predominantly visual era and a lack of visual realism often causes feelings of uneasiness and awkwardness -- while our auditory sense has become of secondary importance, along with the ceded possibilities for imagination and reverie.
The competitions are designed to test the children's mental strength and ability as well as their keen auditory sense as they calculate sizable sums of multi-digit numbers in just three seconds or less.
Having difficulty with the auditory sense can impact language and social learning.
In practice, music is an acoustical happening taking place in physical space and perceived by the auditory sense. It is also experienced as mental images involving the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic senses in any proportion.
In an auditory sense, gunshot noise is a rather unique phenomenon.
The blind individuals rely intensively on the auditory sense in order to spatially map the external world [5] and to perform simple navigation tasks that involve mobility, orientation, cardinality or echolocation [6].
While most local schools cater to students who rely on their auditory sense, Singapore School Manila caters as well to those who are best engaged through visuals or through kinesthetics or movements.
"Information about the environment is via the visual and auditory senses and is operated on by many cognitive processes (including short- and long-term memory, and judgement) to effect decisions for the driving task in hand.