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1. Having the ability or tendency to augment.
2. Grammar Indicating great size, intensity, or power, as the prefix super- does in supermarket.
n. Grammar
An augmentative word or affix.
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1. tending or able to augment
2. (Grammar) grammar
a. denoting an affix that may be added to a word to convey the meaning large or great; for example, the suffix -ote in Spanish, where hombre means man and hombrote big man
b. denoting a word formed by the addition of an augmentative affix
(Grammar) grammar an augmentative word or affix
Compare (for senses 2, 3): diminutive
augˈmentatively adv
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(ɔgˈmɛn tə tɪv)

1. serving to augment.
2. Gram. pertaining to or productive of a form denoting increased size or intensity, as the Spanish suffix -ón in sillón “armchair,” from silla “chair.”
3. an augmentative element or formation.
aug•men′ta•tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.augmentative - increasing or having the power to increase especially in size or amount or degree; "`up' is an augmentative word in `hurry up'"
increasing - becoming greater or larger; "increasing prices"
2.augmentative - intensifying by augmentation and enhancement
intensifying - increasing in strength or intensity
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[ɔːgˈmentətɪv] ADJaumentativo
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[ɔːgˈmɛntətɪv] adj (frm) → accrescitivo/a
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These 3 species are commercially available and are used augmentatively by some growers in California for biological control of either avocado thrips, Scirtothrips perseae Nakahara (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), or persea mite, Oligonychus perseae Tuttle, Baker, and Abatiello (Acari: Tetranychidae) (Kergulen & Hoddle 1999; Hoddle et al.
Several species of braconid parasitoids belonging to the subfamily Opiinae have been mass reared and augmentatively released against economically important tephritid fruit fly species in tropical and subtropical countries (Purcell 1998; Rendon et al.

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