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Petrels are the most aerial and oceanic of birds, yet in the quiet Sounds of Tierra del Fuego, the Puffinuria berardi, in its general habits, in its astonishing power of diving, its manner of swimming, and of flying when unwillingly it takes flight, would be mistaken by any one for an auk or grebe; nevertheless, it is essentially a petrel, but with many parts of its organisation profoundly modified.
Hence it will cause him no surprise that there should be geese and frigate-birds with webbed feet, either living on the dry land or most rarely alighting on the water; that there should be long-toed corncrakes living in meadows instead of in swamps; that there should be woodpeckers where not a tree grows; that there should be diving thrushes, and petrels with the habits of auks.
It would undoubtedly be mistaken for an auk, when seen from a distance, either on the wing, or when diving and quietly swimming about the retired channels of Tierra del Fuego.
The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk tells the story of great auks, a penguin-like North Atlantic bird species.
Particularly effective is the concluding spread in which ghost great auks haunt an island now inhabited by other nesting seabirds, including the more recently arrived Atlantic puffins, whose burrow nests were only made possible by the soil created from the decomposed bodies of discarded auk carcasses--from death, life.
In 2013, AUK successfully hosted the travel writer, historian, and Oxford scholar, Tim Mackintosh-Smith, whose re-imaginings and retracing the steps of the 14th century Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, have captivated audiences across the globe.
Giviak is like a stuffed turkey but the stuffed stuff is auks and the stuffee is a seal.
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The Great Auk is one of the oldest objects and it dates back to the 1750s," Dan said.
It tells us when certain animals became extinct: the dodo, the thylacine, the great auk, the broad-faced potoroo.
com)-- Outside Inside presents Arch Oboler's Night of the Auk at the Sixteenth Annual New York International Fringe Festival.
As part of its continued efforts to provide the latest communications technology to facilitate video tools for all its classrooms and well as its faculty and common rooms, AUK floated a tender to provide video links across its campus.