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Any of various small auks of the genus Aethia and related genera of northern Pacific coasts and waters.
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(Animals) any of various small auks of the genera Aethia and Ptychoramphus
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(ˈɔk lɪt)

any of several small auks of N Pacific coasts, as Aethia cristatella, having a crest of recurved plumes.
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Noun1.auklet - any of several small auks of the northern Pacific coastsauklet - any of several small auks of the northern Pacific coasts
auk - black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas
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In the current study, researchers documented a four-month-long die-off of puffins and a second species, the Crested auklet, on St.
Most were tufted puffins but bodies of a second seabird, the Crested auklet, were also found.
Environmentalist Dave Janka, of Auklet Charters, says: "You could smell the oil before you even saw it.
On the island, the football sized Rhinoceros Auklet nests in underground burrows dug into the soil.
Henson, "Common Ravens (Corvus corax) prey on rhinoceros auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata) eggs, chicks, and possibly adults," The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, vol.
Off British Columbia, growth rates of rhinoceros auklet (Cerorhinca moncerata) chicks are positively correlated with abundance of Pacific sand lance (Bertram and Kaiser, 1993).
Foram encaminhados para o servico de TC do Hospital Veterinario Santa Ines, de Sao Paulo, SP, doze animais com historico neoplasias cerebral (Tabela 1), foi utilizado um tomografo helicoidal, Toshiba[R] modelo Auklet e protocolo de exame com cortes transversais 3mm por 3mm de incremento no cranio, avaliado desde a regiao do osso occipital ate seio frontal.
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