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 (ou′rär′, œ′rär′)
Plural of eyrir.


(Currencies) the plural of eyrir


(ˈeɪ rɪər)

n., pl. au•rar (ˈɔɪ rɑr)
a monetary unit of Iceland, equal to 1/100 of a króna.
[1925–30; < Icelandic; Old Norse: ounce, unit of money < Latin aureus golden]
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pat varu log i pann tima, ef madr drap prael fyrir manni, at sa madr skyldi foera heim praelsjold ok hefja ferd sina fyrir ina pridju sol eptir vig praelsins; pat skyldu vera tolf aurar silfrs.
Signs and symptoms of DVT include abnormal swelling of the affected limb often accompanied by warmth to this area, localized tenderness and pain, and localized skin redness caused by dilation of the veins surrounding the thrombus (Crowther & McCourt, 2005; Wallis & Aurar, 2001).