1. Characterized by or relating to an aura.
2. Of or relating to the distinctive quality or essence of a person, work of art, or object.

[Probably from German auratisch, from Aura, aura, from Latin aura, gentle breeze, breath; see aura.]
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Photos of this series are auratic images that were taken by low shutter speed;then the time belongs to Aion in Titarenko'sSaint Petersburg.
Such DH projects proffer hitherto unimagined global, democratic access to auratic modernist manuscript papers, those drafts and doodles that detail the writer's creative mind at work, as well as to the trivium evidencing the professional networks that underpinned the institutions of modernism, to borrow Lawrence Rainey's formulation (itself notably the product of innovative archival research).
Identifying acts of rhetorical ventriloquism is a phenomenological practice that can refocus attention on bodies, on senses, and on healthcare and clinical settings as auratic sites.
Rather what is groundbreaking about Baudelaire's poetry is that it allows itself to be marked by the shocks of modern experience, those shocks which undermine the sense that life is not just a jumble of meaningless, ephemeral, and disconnected states of being [Erlebnis], but that it harbors some kind of sacred, mythical, or historical meaning or continuity [Erfahrung], or what Benjamin calls "aura." According to Benjamin, Baudelaire's poetry makes of the historical disintegration of auratic experience an auratic experience in its own right.
Contemporary discussions of the aura have suggested that the experience of popular films, television programs, and, of late, virtual reality and new media forms may approximate the auratic experience (Bolter, MacIntyre, Gandy, & Schweitzer, 2006).
On this auspicious occasion, politicians, elites, and entrepreneurs donate money to the province or the districts by paying 2,500 baht for each elephant offering to accumulate and access auratic power (barami).
assigns auratic beauty to something that broadens not just her view of
And despite its connections to a history of representation and to clock time, Kiss is also a perfect example of the Benjaminian auratic work of art.
We search for auratic, "authentic" experiences marked by historicity and provenance, able to supply an organic warmth missing from the cold inhumanity of the digital and inject a charge of contingency into the monotonous regularity of ones and zeroes.
Caption: 3 Auratic's Lady Turquoia is inspired by the lakeside setting of Hangzhou, the capital of China during the 13th century, and was used during a G20 summit banquet in China last September.
Chapter four, titled "Exhibiting the Disappeared: Visual Arts and Auratic Distance", focuses on a touring show and collective exhibition The Disappeared which was organized and started by the North Dakota Museum of Art.