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1. Anatomy
a. The outer projecting portion of the ear. Also called pinna.
b. See atrium.
2. Biology An earlobe-shaped part, process, or appendage, especially at the base of an organ.

[Middle English, auricle of the heart, from Old French, little ear, from Latin auricula, ear, earlier diminutive of auris, ear; see ous- in Indo-European roots.]

au′ri·cled (-kəld) adj.
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glandulosum, Lk., and as Lomaria campylotis Kze., the latter with the pinnae acutely auricled at the superior base); Panama (Sinclair), Guatemala (Skinner), Jamaica (Purdie), S.
Lip fleshy, flat, unguiculate; the claw semi-cylindrical, with a longitudinal keel, 2-3 mm long; blade 3-lobed, ovate-sagittate, sometimes convex; lateral lobes auricled, retrorse, 1.6 mm long and wide; mid-lobe broadly ovate-peltate, emarginate and minutely apiculate, 5 x 6 mm; callus narrowly triangular to long-acuminate, acute, 2 mm long.