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n. pl. au·ric·u·las or auricula
1. A central European primrose (Primula auricula) having yellow flowers grouped in umbels.
2. Any of numerous hybrids of this species with other primroses, widely cultivated for their showy flowers in many different colors.

[Latin, auricle; see auricle.]
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n, pl -lae (-ˌliː) or -las
1. (Plants) Also called: bear's-ear a widely cultivated alpine primrose, Primula auricula, with leaves shaped like a bear's ear
2. (Biology) another word for auricle3
[C17: from New Latin, from Latin: external ear; see auricle]
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Noun1.auricula - yellow-flowered primrose native to Alps; commonly cultivated
primrose, primula - any of numerous short-stemmed plants of the genus Primula having tufted basal leaves and showy flowers clustered in umbels or heads
2.auricula - a pouch projecting from the top front of each atrium of the heartauricula - a pouch projecting from the top front of each atrium of the heart
atrium cordis, atrium of the heart - the upper chamber of each half of the heart
pouch, pocket - (anatomy) saclike structure in any of various animals (as a marsupial or gopher or pelican)
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you'll make yourself giddy, an' tumble down i' the dirt," said Luke, the head miller, a tall, broad-shouldered man of forty, black-eyed and black-haired, subdued by a general mealiness, like an auricula.
Flowers peeped out amongst the leaves; snow- drops, crocuses, purple auriculas, and golden-eyed pansies.
The roof was all of crimson roses, the windows of lilies, the walls of white carnations, the floors of glowing auriculas and violets, the doors of gorgeous tulips and narcissi with sunflowers for knockers, and all round hyacinths and other sweet-smelling flowers bloomed in masses, so that the air was perfumed far and near and enchanted all who were present.
Suddenly Monsieur de Valois's eyes lighted on Madame Granson, arrayed in her green hat with bunches of auriculas, and beaming with evident joy.
National Auricula and Primula Society North East branch, slide show, Newbottle Working Men's Club, near Houghton-le-Spring, 7.30pm.
The traditional Auricula Eyed mix is the most popular, but for something different why not try Thompson and Morgan's Sooty, a deep maroon chocolate.
En la auricula izquierda habia una lesion exofitica, que ocupaba aproximadamente el 70% de la cavidad y midio 3 x 2,5 x 2,3 cm, era papilar, de consistencia blanda, color blanco grisaceo y se encontraba adherida a la pared medial por un pediculo de 0,3 x 0,2 x 0,1 cm (Fig.
Bydd Sioned Rowlands yn creu theatr o flodau auricula a byddwn yn dathlu Wythnos Genedlaethol y Llysieuwyr yn Neganwy.